The Good Night Girl

People used to call her a reject a psycho but she didn’t mind. Her name was Amery clove aka good night girl this is her story


I lived in an abusive home. my dad was a raging alcoholic and my mom was put in a mental institution when I was five. I’ve been living with my b***h dad for 11 years now I’ve been bullied by a variety of people.I was agitated by them,the constant name calling,the notes,I was fed up with it. had to do something about it but there was a voice that was inside my head that kept telling me ”in due time ” and I actually listened to it. I suffered from bipolar depression.

One day I snapped. I came home from school one day to see my dad drunk on the couch.It was disgusting as I walked by he grabbed my arm with a tight grip screaming at me saying it was my fault for ruining his life and that I was the reason mom was in the mental institution.

Something inside me snapped I lost control.something took over me. I don’t know what happened but I found myself smiling, but not a regular smile it was an insane smile I grabbed his arm and twisted it all the way back till it dislocated. He fell to the ground groping his arm it felt great to see him in pain, I laughed. All the feelings of hatred and happiness filled me as I looked at him on the ground. I stomped on his leg breaking it. He screamed, He looked at me with terror and hatred in his eyes.

I looked at him and smiled ”what’s wrong daddy, what’s with the face stand up and hit me and slap me like you always do. Tell me I’m a mistake, tell me it’s all my fault. Now get of the floor you sick dog”! I screamed and kicked him in his broken leg he screeched in pain I needed to see more of it. I grabbed a hammer and some nails from the shed and came back to my dad. “You said “you’ve always wanted a boy, well now I can show you my building skills” I hammered his hand and feet to the floor and put a gag cloth in his mouth,”wouldn’t want the neighbors to hear or I’ll be in very big trouble” I giggled.

I saw tears run down his face. My smile turned into a scowl “you don’t deserve those tears”. I once again smiled “let me help make them go away”. I went to my mom’s closet ,before my mother was sent away she was a surgeon and kept surgical equipment around. I instantly new where my dad hid it from me. When I got it, I came back down to where my dad was laying on the floor defenseless and scared like I once was . He was still crying which made me disgusted “let’s start with the eyes shall we”.I smiled and pulled out the scalpel and galdged out both of his eyes as slowly and painfully as possible leaving only sunken empty eye sockets. I laughed and insane laugh. He spit out the gag and screamed and pleaded for help. I got out a needle and thread “time to stitch that mouth of yours shut” I said in glee as she stitched it shut he tried to scream in agony but it was no use.

His mouth was completely stitched shut. I ripped his shirt of and  placed the blade on his chest and slit it open. She took out one of his organs and squished it he tried to cry but couldn’t ,he tried to scream but couldn’t.

It was a beautiful sight. He awaited for death as she placed a blade on his neck I pressed it against​ sending​  a stream of blood was trailing down his neck.

I licked my fingers and the blade now I’m going to let you sit there and suffer like I have my whole life.
“good night and sleep tight” and with that she was gone.

  • Alyssa

    Spooky it startled me until I realise she was happy! Then I figured it out

  • EeveeArcanine

    Could be better. Lots of grammatical mistakes,tense swaps,and isnt scary.

  • Killer bunny

    So in my honest opinion right Now that was horrible if you put more effort and time into it I think it would have been great but you rushed it so it all came out at once which is sad cause this story seemed to be pretty cool.

    • Dread064

      Thank you for your opinion this is my first time writing and you have helped me to fix my mistakes,I will try harder next time.

  • MissMe123

    This isn’t creepypasta this is just messed up! Dad got what he freaking deserved.

    • Rebecca


  • Francesco Villacres

    The insane amount of gramatical mistakes make this story completely unreadable. If you had put a little more effort into it, it could’ve been so much better.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I agree with the other comments about the grammar mistakes and rushing. Slow down, put spaces and commas when necessary, and develope your story. It has potential. Also, it drives me nuts when authors switch from first person to third person and vice versa, especially in the middle of a sentence. Don’t say, “I took out the knife and began cutting and she laughed crazily” when talking about the same person. Extremely distracting.

  • Rebecca

    Loved it it seemed like my type of serial killerness😍😈😏