The Girl with the Curls – Chapter 1

“Well, my day started off normal…” she explained to the detective staring at her in an irritated way.

“Yeah? And how was a normal day for you? Like what did you do on the day of the crime?” the detective asked sleepily.

They had been sitting there for a good eight hours now. As each hour… no, as each minute passed, the girl still had not answered with a straight or complete answer. It was like she was trying to go around the answer but seem like she was answering it at the same time. Of course the detective was not that dumb, he knew she was hiding something.

“Well… I woke up, had breakfast, went to school, went to my classes, and went home. Simple as that,” the girl replied with a simple shrug and some giggling.

“Simple as that? Is that your answer!? You don’t even care what happened do you!? And none of what you’re saying is true! It’s all made up!” The detective said slamming his pen down.

“Okay okay, I admit… I might have skipped a class or two,” she admitted while snickering.

“You’re done for today,” the detective sighed looking at his watch.

“Thank you good detective,” she replied with a salute while her leather restraints held her hands from doing so. “Oops, seems like I forgot a tiny detail,” she said still giggling.

“And what would that be?” the detective asked.

“Curls! Hahahaha! Bwhahaha!” the girls said pointing to her own curls and bursting out laughing.

Before the detective could ask what it was supposed to mean, a lady who looked like a nurse came in the room and took the girl out with her.

“Curls!? What the hell is that supposed to mean!?” the detective said slamming his head on the desk. “Why did I think talking to a mental person would help us out?” he thought as he flipped through the victims case file. “None of what that girl said was even true. She has been at the hospital for years,” he then started to read a file.

Name: Dawn

Age: 16 On August, 22 2016

Registered into Dillwoods Mental Hospital at the age of 12. On June, 10 2012

Dawn claimed to see when and how people would die. She started to self harm herself by cutting her wrist and she even hung herself once. Her mother claims that Dawn said that she couldn’t die from what she was doing because it wasn’t her time yet. Worried her mother brought Dawn to a specialist and he was not able to help. One day while Dawn and her mother were shopping at a store, Dawn charged at someone with a box knife she had in her purse. She kept repeating that it was his time and this way to die is better than what he was going to go through. The day after that she was registered into the mental hospital.

The detective closed Dawns file and opened a new one from the police department. It was on a man that was “attacked by a bear”. His body was shredded at the stomach and his limbs were torn off in the Dillwoods Forest Park. A lady nearby heard screams and so she called the police. Thirty minutes later a sheriff car pulled up and walked into the woods to check it out. About a half of mile in is where he found what is known as Bill Shooks body, or what was left of it. When the body was inspected, Bills heart and a lung were missing, and also his right leg and left arm was also missing. No one knew what happened so they called it a bear attack to calm the commotion.

The detective then closed the folder, grabbed his coffee and left. “I’ll deal with this tomorrow,” he said taking a big swig of coffee.

  • Brayden CSGO

    I don’t get this one :/

    • MEDthePhoenix

      Is it because of the title or because the story was confusing? I still have to finish it in the second and third part.

      • Brayden CSGO

        ohhhh okay, I didn’t even pay attention to be chapter one. Good luck man

        • MEDthePhoenix

          Thanks, yeah I screwed up. I was going to go back in and put like chapter one with the title but I forgot after I published it. So it was a simple but dumb mistake.

  • Ray Ramirez

    I like it so far

    • MEDthePhoenix

      Thanks! That means alot since it’s coming from the person who wrote Arbatian Mental Institution. I’m really going to try harder when I write the second part. I wasn’t really putting my all into the first part due to writing it out of boredom. But thanks again!

      • Ray Ramirez

        Oh hell I’m nothing special friend lol but thank you. Don’t try too hard, let the story come to you it’ll be easier to write. Everytime I think too hard I get stumped or the story seems forced and sloppy causing me to rewrite it. Looking forward to chapter 2 🙂

  • Rose Morrison

    Definitely need to put Chapter 1, otherwise you just think, oh that’s it?! Now I know that, its a good start. Need to keep an eye on spelling and wrong use of words though as it really detracts. Get friends to read and edit or just use spellchecker. I look forward to more soon.

  • Amber Izer

    Very well written. Good detail. Nice cliffhanger. I like how this story reaches into. Psychic abilities. It kind of reminds me of Ghost whisper. I love that show. Can’t wait for chapter two.

    • MEDthePhoenix

      Thanks, I literally wrote this at like three in the morning because I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t think this story was going to get this much attention but I’m glad it did. I really appreciate all feedback and stuff that will help me improve. 😊