The Girl with a Secret

We moved again, after being the new girl for the 5th time. My mom has a job where we move a lot and my dad passed away when I was 8 years old. Nobody ever talked about it but I remember him always saying, “Always remember little angel stay strong.” I suffer from severe depression and nobody really understands and I don’t exactly have anybody to talk to about it. I am an only child and my mom is always busy I get bullied at school so I have no friend’s, I am always praying somebody would save me – this is just the beginning about me

My mother and I had just gotten into an argument because I got into a fight at school. These girls are so rude. I’m only a freshmen and they are juniors. The preppy ones, the ones that have all the money and the perfect life Veronica and Lindsay. See, my mom had gotten the call from school and she got upset that they attacked me. She says that I just wanted the attention. I got suspended for a week and these girls just got away with what they did to me, the week I was suspended my mother had to go away on a business trip so I was home alone that’s when it all started…

I was getting ready to go to sleep that night I was just getting ready to log off of Facebook when I noticed I had a message request from Veronica. I didn’t accept it but I looked at the messages she sent me they were nasty messages like,

“No wonder your single have you seen your self.”

“Everybody makes fun of you.”

“How does it feel to get your a*s kicked?”

“Everyone notices the scars on your arms are you looking for attention?”

I just logged off Facebook and layed in bed fighting back the tears that wanted to come out so badly. Just then I heard a knock at the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone so when I walked up to the door. I looked through our window but nobody was there. I figured they left when nobody answered right away. So I went back to my room then I heard another knock. I walked back to the door and looked through the window. It was a Ashley, a girl who was in the freshmen class along with me. When I opened the door she explained, “Sorry it’s so late I was in the neighborhood and I’ve always wanted to talk to you but was to nervous.” I let her in and she spent the night even though we were up for hours talking and listening to music. As we finished our night and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning she was gone. I figured I slept in to long and she got bored and left. Well she didn’t come back for the remaining time of the suspension.

The week of suspension was over and now back at school when I ran into Veronica and Lindsay.

“Look who decided to show her face at school,” Lindsay said followed by laughter.

“Did you get my messages?” says Veronica.

I ignored them and walked away and was searching for Ashley everywhere but couldn’t find her. Finally the days over and I can go home even though I dreaded going home even more than being at school. I get home and take a nap. As I wake up I couldn’t remember waking up let alone falling asleep. I notice Ashley is sitting on the edge of my bed and it kind of freaks me out a little bit but I brush it off just because she’s the only one I talk to so I start off the conversation.

“Hey Ashley why weren’t you at school today I looked for you everywhere?”

She turned around and looked at me something wasn’t right. The look in her eyes just gave me that uneasy feeling.

“I’m sorry I didn’t feel great this morning,” Ashley says in an odd way.

“It’s fine.” I said.

We sat in silence for about an hour.

“I have to go now,” Ashley says in a creepy voice and still has that look in her eye.

The next morning I woke up and my mom was acting kind of strange like not the way she would usually act. I figured she had a day off finally so she was gonna relax she had on her favorite white robe with flowers on it and her grey slippers with the little fluff ball on top. I walk by and she doesn’t say anything but that normal. I make my way to school but nobody said a word to me not even Veronica or Lindsay. When the days over I walk in room and I hear a very recognizable voice say;

“Always remember little angel stay strong.”

As I turn to my bed I realized my cold dead body laying there with Ashley sitting next to me then she says;

“We have to go now, I saved you.”

That’s when I heard my mom sobbing in the living room yelling asking why it came back…