The Girl

I was 13 when this happened.

So when I was in middle school I was really scared of ghost. I had been living in a haunted house for about 5 years now and my parents wont believe me about it. My friends egged me on so we can go to this abandoned high school. It was Kerry, Josh, and me, we were all going to do this.

We arrive on our bike’s with big flashlights in our hands. This school is run down mold and moss with vines all green brown and yellow. Some of the bricks were broken or just not there. Some windows were smashed and pieces of the second story floor is gone. Oh and the school is 3 stories high, the third story has no windows.

We entered and to our left was a cafeteria door on the floor. I don’t know how it got there. The cafeteria was on the other side and it was like 40 feet away. We went further into the hallway, there was a trophy case smashed. The nurses office is next to the trophy case.

There is a lot of dust in the air and moss on the walls. It looked like nature took over the whole school there were 5 classrooms they were #101-#105.

We turned and up the stairs we went as I got up the top. I felt a chill fall down my spine. There are 8 rooms now #106-#114. I can hear a girl cry the sound is very sensitive but it was coming from room #109. We entered the room and it was a science class the girl was wearing a uniform of a white shirt with a violet tie and violet skirt with some black shoes. She had a short haircut. She was crying in the corner with some belt marks on her legs and arms.

There were a lot of pages on the floor all around her having Failing grades on all of them. The chalkboard had scribbles and had a drawing of a knife. The teachers deck was all messed up, the chair was in two pieces. I get out and go into the next class room #110.

When we entered it smelled like dry blood and I saw a corpse rotten. Kerry screamed. We covered her mouth. When we heard the door open downstairs we hid in a closet. We heard footsteps and people talking we open the door just a creak.

Well all I see are kids and they are all ghost. We ran out and downstairs, the doors had chains we ran up to the third story. We saw a hole and jumped out as soon as possible. We landed on mud and we slid. I broke my wrist. I drove my bike home super fast. While I’m on the sidewalk, my tire pops. I fall forward and I’m still near the woods where the school is at.

I was dragged and I saw a tall white woman with long black hair, a long black dress, and long arms. It reached for me but I got up in time to book it out of there.

I barely made it out alive…