The Ghost of Blacklot

Everybody knows what Call of Duty is am I right?

Call of Duty was made by Activision a long time ago so many of you guys played Call of Duty 4. But there was one mistake that Activision made wrong about Call of Duty 4. The souls of dead players in the game in multiplayer. Let’s continue to my story.

November 17, 2016. It was my fist time playing the game. My friend invited me to play the game on multiplayer. I created a server with a password. I told my friend the password. We played the game. My friend invited a player named MF234. We killed him so many times then he quitted the game. My friend was having so much fun until I saw the darkest figure in my life. The dark figure was so tall and it had a combat knife it suddenly chased me. The objective of the dark figure was to kill me. My friend helped me kill the ghost. My friend shot the dark figure many times but the dark figure wont stop. Just for a few minutes the dark figure vanished and the dark figure switched teams into Op-For. He suddenly killed us both his the opposite team got 100,000 points. I cant believe that he got that points. We tried to quit the game but we can’t quit. The dark figure killed us multiple times until the game crashed and my computer restarted. The computer said:

Error virus has occurred please press enter.

I pressed enter and my computer wallpaper was the dark figure moving and killing me. The points was so high. I want this gone.

  • teresa robinson

    Sounds more like a modder than a ghost story buddy….

  • Jamie E

    Meh, you clearly haven’t put much time into it. Not sure if it deserves only one star though (which it is right now).

  • Valdyr Loki

    Boy, this could easily win an award for the worst piece of fiction ever written. The author should spend more time reading Lovecraft or Poe, rather than playing Call Of Duty. Completely pathetic, I’d feel ashamed if I’d ever so much as put together such a fiasco, but having the guts and the ignorance to publish it online, like it might be worth something, well that’s a whole new level of low. Is this a new genre of horror stories, written by braindead kids hooked to a computer?
    P. S. Is it possible to give it a negative score, like -1 stars or something similar?

  • IronMosquito

    I left for a while, in hopes that quality would improve during my absence. I was proved wrong.