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Do you believe in afterlife? My mother always told me about how sometimes, if someone dies at midnight, you can see their ghost going to Heaven or Hell.

I was always so interested in this. Growing up, I was fond of murders and I loved them very much. My mother always thought I was a weirdo but I always thought she tried to stop me from my creativity.

When I was finally 24 years old, I traveled the world looking for history of the most famous murders. The more I learned about them, the more I became obsessed.

One day, I remembered how my mother told me about seeing the ghost at midnight, so I tried it out. I went home at about 11:40 pm and got prepared. I drove to my mothers and at 11:59 pm and killed her. But I seen no ghost.

I cleaned up and left her in the cellar for my father to find when he gets home. I drove home and I will give an update on what happens later.

Update: I couldn’t resist it, I murdered another. It feels good to know their life was in my hands. I can hear the sirens now. The police, they are knocking on the door screaming, I am on the balcony now. I wonder if I can see Heaven now. They are in now I have to go. I will see my mother there.

I will always come back for more murder. I cannot be silenced.

  • Deklan

    Very cool story. This could vary easily be made into a larger project. Keep up the good work!

  • Caylor Moody

    This is great. Plz make a longer story. It’s so juicy; I wanna read more