The Gateway IV

We made it to his house. As he was showing me my room, I looked in the mirror. “I’m not pretty…” I thought, “I’m a monster.” I started to tear up. I quickly ran to the next room knowing it was mine. I said thanks and slammed the door.

I stared at the door for a minute, with the feeling that something was staring at me. I was terrified, frozen with fear. I snapped my fingers one and I quickly turned around. It was nothing besides a little orange cat. I opened the door and screamed “Out you little sh*t.”

My brother came running in.

“What happened?”

“It was a stupid cat.” I retorted

“I see you met Catrina.” He said.

“Keep it away, Jake.”

“It was just a cat.” He said as I slammed the door in his face. I fixed the corner of the blanket and opened drawers. I had no clothes, but he bought me some before I got there. How did he know I was coming to his home?

I didn’t care, I was too tired. I barely slept during the car ride because he kept me up while playing the dumbest music. I wish I could have ripped the radio out and threw it out the window. I laid down on my bed, forgetting everything that’s happened so far. Just knowing that when I wake up, I’ll be okay.

I woke up at 3 am. I felt sick so I ran into the bathroom. I vomited and as I walked to the sink to brush my teeth, I seen written in blood, “KILL THEM ALL. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. KILL THEM ALL.” I started to feel weak and I was shaking. I tried not to scream. I heard voices in my head.

“Come on, it’ll get better once you do it.”

“Kill him.”

“You know, there’s a medicine cabinet. Lots and lots of pills.”

“Kill them or we kill you.”

“Stop.” I whispered. “Stop stop, stop, stop, stop!” I started to yell. “I WON’T KILL HIM!” Jake didn’t run in. Usually he is worried when I yell. Since I was half asleep, I headed back to bed. My knees felt, damp. I thought probably because of nervous sweat.

As I walked through the hallway, I tripped over what seemed like a ball. “Jesus, he can’t ever clean.” I said. I turned on the light in the hallway. I screamed and cried. There was Jake’s head, lying there. I ran to the bathroom and turned on the light. I had a knife and blood all over me. I see my victims in the mirror.

“You’re turn.” They all said. They stabbed me and ripped my organs out and flung them on the house. At least I seen Hell.





This was the final part if the story. If you would like more, comment ideas on other stories and I will create them. Thank you for great ratings and having Gateway II in the Top 3. ♡