The Gateway II

I jumped.

I somehow fell into water. The police called an ambulance and soon after, I blacked out. I woke up and all I saw was a blur. I was in pain but I wanted out. My hands were cuffed to the hospital bed and there were cops standing outside. People must think I’m some kind of criminal.

I have time now to introduce myself. My name is Kacé. Kind of like Casey, but I am 24 and I murdered my mother. Wow. Just saying that made me feel, powerful. I see a doctor coming now. They must be taking me to the prison. After all, I only had a sprained ankle.

I’m at the prison now. They made me sit in a cell all alone. I just want out. I don’t like it here. Nobody is nice and they all treat me like I’m an animal. I need to kill again. It’s becoming addicting. I need to find a knife.

During yard time I snuck into the office. I found weapons everywhere, it was so amazing! I heard a security guard come to one of the computers, so I hid in a corner. I will probably we stuck in the hole if he catches me. He went to get coffee in a little snack area, so I reached for 3 knifes.

I found a key and I knew I would make it out. I heard everyone coming back into the cafeteria so I started to sneak out. The security guard got his taser and yelled. I had to stab him, what other choice would I have? I quickly grabbed my clothes and left. I ran out of the gate as a car was driving in.

I heard sirens later on that night. I took my money and got a motel room so I could hide for a while, or at least until the search was off. I called my brother, Ben, to see if he could help. He lived in Florida so he told me it would take a day for him to get here. I will give an update later.

Update: We are in the car now. I think I’m free. I just hope my kill cravings don’t make me hurt any more of my family.