The Forest

One day I woke up with that strange feeling. I had a big headache and I didn’t know why. I took a painkiller and went for a breakfast. When I’ve finished breakfast I took my bag and went to school. I didn’t catch my bus so I had to walk, luckily I don’t live far from school.

On my way to school I had to go through a creepy forest. It was the quickest way.

When I walked into the forest I heard some noise. Probably it was my imagination and there wasn’t a voice at all. I had still headache. I took one earphone out of my ear. Just for sure. And there was it again. The noise. It was like a small girl was crying. The noise was louder and louder when I was walking deeper in the forest. I wonder what it was. Unconsciously I went after that noise. After a few minutes I lost my way, but I didn’t care, I needed to know what it was. It has led me to a pond, which was in the very centre of the forest. I haven’t seen anyone near by, but I still could hear the girl’s cry. Maybe it was only in my head.

When I turned girl there was a little girl standing. She had a plain white dress with blood stains and black long hair. Her eyes were red. And I could see in them that she was afraid. She didn’t tell me a single word but she pointed at an old abandoned cottage.

I went in.

I was curious what’s inside, but in the moment when I walked in my head was like in flames. It was unendurable. Finally the pain was gone and I saw the little girl and a tall man. The girl was holding something what looked like a knife. She throw it at the man and immediately killed him. I ran out. I was trying to find the path which leads out of the forest but I’ve always ended up at the pond. I gave it up. I sat down on the ground and started crying. I didn’t know what to do. Why did she show me this? It was like a playback. Maybe she showed me what has happened last night? I realized that I haven’t remember anything from last night.

Voice in my head was telling me what to do but I was afraid. I’ve witness a murder and in the morning I woke up In my bed like it didn’t happen. I finally understand what the girl wanted from me, she wanted me to go and tell this to someone. To find the dead man.

I somehow returned home and next day I went to a police station. They didn’t find only the man’s body, but also the girl’s. She’s took her life herself because of that what she did.

Now I wake up earlier to make sure I’ll always catch the bus. Because I was sure I don’t want to go near the forest aver again.

  • Joshua

    Good but you need to proofread before you post. Other then that, good job.

  • Elizabeth

    It was decent but you have a lot of grammar mistakes but some of them are really funny “When I turned girl the girl was behind “” or “she took her own life herself “” x3333 those were really funny , so pay more attention to your grammar and ummmm try to make the connections between sentences a little bit better