The Forest of Things

You run in to a clearing, very panicked. You don’t know why your panicked, but you are. It is near dawn. As you run into the clearing, you see something fairly familiar. You look closer at it to find it’s you dad making breakfast. The smell of eggs attracts you. As you near your dad, he turns, greeting you.

You start remembering that you and your dad have been traveling together for quiet a while. You must have just gone for a morning walk or something… Strange you don’t remember.

After breakfast, you and your dad set off into the forest, deeper and deeper. You don’t remember where you are going, but just as your about to ask, you hear a rustle in the brush. You look over to find nothing moving. You ask your dad if he heard anything, but he just laughs and says he did not, but if there was something it wasn’t going to hurt them.

The day went on, you don’t hear the rustling sound at all. You wonder what it could have been, you feel it was something not normal, not even for this forest.

Eventually nightfall came. As you continue walking, you think you see red dots somewhere in the distance. This time, Your dad seems to notice something is wrong. You both turn towards the red dots. They are gone.

An hour has passed nothing happening since the red dots. The more you think about it, they looked like eyes… Suddenly, you hear something behind you. You turn around just in time to see a slender, pale little creature. When you look back up, there are red dots everywhere. You are certain they are eyes.

You keep walking, your dad not seeming to notice any of this. Then you hear the sound. It began as a low humming, something that sounds like a distant engine. As you keep walking, trying to keep your cool, the sound gets higher pitched and louder. You dad now notices the sound, for some reason he now looks… unsettled? He definitely hears the noises though.

The noise gets so loud and high pitch,  you start to cover your ears and run. Your dad naturally does the same thing. You know sooner or later you’ll just kneel over and die to this sound, these red eyes.

Ten minutes later you and you dad meet the fate you expected. Sort of. Your not dead, you think as you hear the terrible noise stop. Then the creatures come out as you paralyzed from the deafening sound that has finally ceased. The creatures had long spindling legs, like spiders, only spiders weren’t a pale gray and the size of a small dog. Worst of all, they had huge stingers on their backs. You black out.

You wake up. You are laying on the forest floor, your body aches all over. You try to look at your watch to see how long you have been out for, but your body won’t obey your commands. You realize that you are completely paralyzed. The creatures are nowhere to be found, you assume anyways because your stuck looking at the sky. You hear a groan to your right, which you conclude is your dad. You try to speak but you can’t.

You and your dad lay here for what seem like hours, until something catches you eye. In the tree above, there is movement. You make out a girl about your age, looking down at you. She looks around, then cautiously comedown. “Don’t worry, it’s not poison,” she says before shoving a liquid in your mouth. Your body vegans to hurt tremendously. You break into a thrash, your entire body trying to escape this pain.

The girl holds you up, tells you to go over to a nearby tree. Before you say you can’t, you realize the juice she gave you lets you move. You go over to the tree. On your journey to the plant, you hear a distant roar. Its far of and you tell yourself not to worry.

Soon your dad is up and running as well. All three of you sprint of into the woods. The roars have gotten louder since you last heard them. They sound about half a mile off. You, your dad, and this mysterious girl keep running. The roar is now right behind us. You turn around to see a large red slimy figure. You keep running.

You know you don’t have much longer. It has already feasted on your dad, and you have split up with the girl. As you weep for your dad, you hear a blood curdling scream in the distance. The creature found her. You break into a sprint towards the opposite direction of the scream. You run and run. The sun is almost peaking.

You run into a clearing, very panicked. You don’t why your panicked, but you are. It is near dawn. As you run into the clearing you see something fairly familiar. You look closer at it to find its you dad making breakfast.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Okay, honestly, that was written quite badly. I strongly suggest you proofread before posting, and make sure to use the correct “your/you’re” if you’re going to write a second person story, especially. Also, I particularly found it humorous when the narrator accidentally said “us” instead of “you”, implying that during that short scene, the narrator was running desperately alongside you and your ill-fated companions. I must say, however, I did not expect the ending.

    • Zale “lipsinkers101” Neton

      Yeah I was sloppy on this one. Thanks for the feedback. This was the first one I wrote but not the first one that got scheuduled. Be sure to check out my other ones.

      • Daniel Di Benedetto

        I will (: And thank you for taking constructive criticism well, man.