The Demon Inside

Once there was a girl named Carrah. She was different because she studied witch craft. People made fun of her because she was emo and had scares on her wrist and legs. She was tired of people bothering her.

So on her 16th birthday, her parents reviled a secret that if anyone knew, she would get in trouble. She had a sister. The next day, she went out to look for her. When she found her sister, there was a demon looking at her. She tried to fight it off.

She wakes up not knowing where she was. She asked the demon and he tried to explain that he was their lord. Their parents both sold them to the Demon Lord for their freedom of work. He would keep them and make one of them his bride and the other one would be his personal slave. When he was done, Carrah ran to her sister Skie asking what happens to her. She explained that their parents lied saying Skie had died. When they were both ten, she was given to the Demon Lord.

They both broke out that night and found out about who the Demon Lord was. His story that they found out was; the creep or Miko, his old human name, was abandoned by his mother soon after his twin brother died at birth. He was soon experimented by scientists which caused him to grow tentacles as arms. Then he killed the scientists by tearing them apart and devouring their bodies, sending the souls to his once dead twin. That’s what he was going to do to the girls.

The demon looked after them. He looked in an old trunk and found witchcraft items in it. The girls saw something, telling them that they were chosen to fight the Demon Lord. Carrah became frostbite and had powers to freeze anyone or anything. Skie became flame and had the power to set anything on fire.

The next day, the girls went and told the demon that they were here to help the people to end his reign of terror among the earth. So they fought. Both Skie and Carrah were injured. Skie had a wound in her side and Carrah had a dagger in her leg. But they both came up on him and killed him setting everyone free. Then they go and kill other demons people trying to get their revenge.

A few weeks later when they came home, their parents were happy to see them. But they weren’t happy to see their parents. When their parents were watching a movie, they were behind the couch. Carrah gave Skie a bottle of chlorophyll to put on a rag. They both sprung up from behind the couch and cover their parents mouth with the chlorophylled rags. While they slept, Carrah and Skie tied them up to their bed post. The last thing their parents ever heard was, “Why did you lie to us? We thought you loved us, not sell us to the Demon Lord for your freedom. If you wanted your freedom in the first place, now you can spend all eternity with him,” then they both took their dagger and put it straight through their parents heart.

Then something bright flashes and there is someone dressed in a beautiful white dress. She promised them immortal life. She also gave them the power to kill and never get caught, as long as they promise to use their powers to get revenge. Only on the people who the angel tells them to. Now they go out killing the wanted, known as Frostbite and Flame Terrors in the night. No one ever bothered them again, for as long as they lived.

  • Tristan Seaburg-Sweat

    Always get someone to proof read your work, spell check, and grammatical errors. Your story can go in tons of directions but you jump around washy to much, like your character is emo and likes witch craft to then shes hot a secret sister, to you go and find her and BAM she’s found.

  • trixie

    yas! more

  • HEX

    Well I read this all the way through. I kept hoping it’d make sense. Needless to say it never achieves that lofty goal. This thing is so nonsensical that the elders say it can drive you insane trying to understand it. Tread lightly you have been warned..