The Death of a Madman

“Hey babe, are you okay?” Lucy promptly ask as they lowered Seth’s mother’s rotting corpse into the rain-soaked ground.

“Yeah I’m just worried about my father. He seems to be disconnected from reality.” Seth seemed bothered by something but what? John walks over and exclaimed, “I blame you for your mother’s death! Had you been there she would have never plunged down that hole! You are a sorry excuse for a son!”

Seth snapped back, “She died four days ago while you were still there, how did you not know that she fell down the hole? Maybe just maybe you pushed her down that hole to keep her from leaving you.”

John looks around, then leans down and retorts, “If I kill her they would have never found her body. I’m not stupid like you. Y’all need to get off my property now.” Seth and Lucy leave without another word. On their way home Seth looks over at Lucy and sees claw marks on the left side of her neck. He thought back to what the cop told him about his mother’s death.

“Look here son I think your mother was murder. It looks like she was involved in a physical¬†altercation¬†just before she plunged into that hole. If you notice anything that is out of the ordinary give me a call.”

“Hey darlin’?”

“Yes honey?”

“How did you get those scratches on you neck?”

“Oh… I… Umm-” but before she could finish her sentence Seth interrupted remembering that Lucy always carries her 1911.

“Nevermind, forget I asked.”

“Well since you asked, I killed your mother four days ago.”


“So we can be together forever.”

“You do realize that I had poisoned her right. It would have looked like my dad killed her!”

Seth grabs his Glock but by the time he pulls it out Lucy already shot him in the temple. As the car swerved she jumped. She got up and walked off like nothing happened.

  • Senia

    Very disappointing. Way too many grammatical errors. I’m pretty used to ignoring those but they really get in the way of the story. The idea of the story was alright, but if he was willing to kill his mother and she was too, why would she kill him? Would have made more sense if either he was appalled and she killed him because he was leaving or if she said something like next time we’ll do it together or something like that.