The Darken Dreams – 2

Please read the 1st story for an understanding of the story so far.

Jamie arrived home to see his mother in a blood soaked dress.

“Oh hi swetee don’t worry about me this is just paint heheh…” Jamie knew she was lying. I wish she wasn’t around anymore Jamie thought to himself. Usually Jamie would eat dinner with his family but he didn’t feel like eating when he saw a tongue in his meal.

“I’m not hungry,” Jamie insisted.

“Your going to enjoy my meal you little brat!” shouted his mother. Jamie doubtfully ate the meal. Afterwards his stomach was in deep pain and so he decided to sleep it off. When he fell asleep he had a dream though it wasn’t very pleasant. When it started he thought he woke up because he was on the couch again.

His stomach wasn’t hurting anymore but when he was getting up he thought he heard a familiar voice. When he looked to see who it was he seen his dad. Jamie ran up to him with tears of joy until something ate him alive! When Jamie looked up he saw a creature with 12 legs 8 eyes hair all over and long blond hair. Jamie knew this was his mother. He ran as fast as he could he knew if he died in his dream he would die in real life. The creature shook the earth with every step. Jamie called out for help but when he did he heard voices all saying. No escape… no escape… no escape… Jamie dashed down a corner to see multiple corpses of Eric and his dad. All your fault all your fault all your fault the voices continued. Writing was scattered along the walls now most of them said “stop trying” and “give up” Jamie was cornered when all of a sudden… He woke up.

End of story 2

  • Puddin Tane

    Again with the sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar. You aren’t worth reading.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    This wasn’t good either… I’m hoping this is a troll. Like, the concept of this poor, ambiguously aged guy eating his dad’s tongue for dinner is priceless humor if that’s what you’re going for. It’s incredible, actually. But if this is supposed to be taken seriously… trash. Sorry, but not good at all. Like I said before, though, if this is a joke, you’re a god man. I don’t know what to rate this because if it’s a joke I’d give it 5 and if it’s serious I’d give it 1.