The Dark Path We Take – Part: 1 – The Silent

A dark night, a silent girl, a broken heart, a deal to be made. In Amy’s dark room a silent pain turns into pounding drums as she walks towards the edge of her window. She looks down from her window on the third floor and decides what she should do with these soul tearing thoughts. She runs back to the wall of her room and stares at the window with eyes of sorrow as the drums bang louder.

She thinks of her friends and her family as she grips her hair closing her eyes. She thinks of the man she loved, the man who made her strong, made her weak and joyous. Her eyes widen as she looks at the window to see a little girl with a cute fuzzy lion head point her finger at her as to say no. The little girl runs to her and bites her arm with the lion head dripping blood upon the floor.

Amy wakes up in her room and looks at her arm to see it was only just a dream. She looks to her arm to see the bite marks are still there just fully healed. She gets ready for work at the local hospital where she runs around trying to help doctors and people. She arrives at the hospital to see the little girl with the lion head start to run down the hall.

Amy chases after the little girl to see her disappear in an empty hall laughing. A man walks around the corner that made her heart race and fluster, It was the man she loved. Travis walked towards her then fell to his knees with pain written on his face. The little girl had ripped his heart out of his back with blood stained fangs.

Amy said she was sick and headed home to figure out what was happening to her, what was changing in her. She opens the door to find Travis moving out the rest of his belongings. She grabs his arm and pleads with him to not go anywhere and to just stay. He stops and says nothing, just drops the box as the drums start to beat.

He falls to his knees and raises his hand showing a giant bite mark almost like Amy’s just a different pattern. He looked at her and saw she has a bite mark as well. He starts to talk of the memory of the woods and were they went camping with friends to get away. He explained how a curse of the woods had taken them over and was going to kill them in less than six months.

She remembered the creature they met in the woods that saved her life and in return they had to give him a life every year in the summer under the rotten tree. The deal they made had not been forgotten and the curse they all took upon themselves have not faded away. Rain beat heavy outside as she looked at the little girl with the lion head on the other side of her window. The little girl took off her mask to see it was Amy as a little girl. She ran upstairs to tell Travis but outside his window was a little boy holding a fuzzy bear head.

  • Elizabeth

    I really like the plot , it’s pretty interesting but umm can you make the connections between sentences a little bit more complex ? Please it is a little bit ummmm… uncomfortable for me and anybody that reads often to see repetitions like 3 sentences starting with “he ” (for example ) , but as I said the story is very interesting (please don’t make the couple break up x3333 )