The Dark Corner

Once there was a kid named Josh and he lived with his mom and big brother. Josh at the time was 12 years old. His big brother went out of town to go look for a job while he was gone and his mom went to go get groceries and left him alone at home. While he was at home he was watching movies, as the time passed he fell asleep, not knowing his mom left but she left a note just incase he woke up. He went upstairs to brush his teeth and go to bed, as he was turning off his lamp he heard a noise coming from a corner of his room.

He got scared and turned on the light but saw no one so he just turned off the light and went to sleep. In the middle of the night he had woke up and saw a strange creature with blood red, glowing eyes just sitting at the corner of his room and staring at him, he thought it was just a mind trick because he had just woken up but as soon as he turned on his lamp the creature vanished into some sort of gas but not just any gas it was dark black gas. he didn’t notice because he was sleepy. The next day he was thinking about the night before if it was real or not.

He went to use the restroom upstairs and as he walked in front of the mirror he saw something behind him from the corner of his eye staring at him from his room, he turned around and didn’t see anything but he still had the feeling of someone coming for him. As the night was here he went to bed, turned off the lights, and went to sleep. He woke up again at the same time as yesterday night except this time the cord to his lamp was chewed off by some sort of creature. Something was looking down at him from the top of his ceiling. Josh pretended he didn’t see the monster thing and went under his covers.

Someone knocked at his room window, it was his friend, Ben.


He gets a call from his friend Ben, “Hello,” says Josh, “Bro can you come to my house tomorrow? We’re having a party and it’s gonna be cool sure! Call you later.” He hangs up the phone and the other Ben outside says, “Come out I wanna show you something,” he gets creeped out as his “friend” Ben is standing outside of his window but he just got a call from his friend Ben.

He was shocked. Josh just stood there looking if he would go away his mom barges in his room and says you wanna eat, “Sure,” said Josh. He looked back and it wasn’t there anymore. The next day he woke up but at the same time he was just hallucinating. Blood splatters on the floor and his mom on the wall held up by nothing but nails that are nailed through her feet and hands. Josh yells in fright and pain as his skin burns off and turns into a monster of some sort. He cries his mom come into the room and says what’s wrong as because he had hallucinated all of this time but seemed real to him. As the days passed by he had all of the same things again but they were all different. BOOM. Josh had killed himself because he wanted to end the sights.

  • IronMosquito

    “Josh had killed himself to end the sights.”
    That’s seriously how I felt after reading this.