The Curse of the Bless

It has a normal morning like any other. It was spring and the birds were cheerfully chirping while flying in the air. I looked out my window expecting to see exactly that, and I did, but it wasn’t all I saw.

I lived right in front of my school. What I saw through one of the windows, was a man. Although, I couldn’t really see any details on the person. It was just a figure. I was surprised and tried to make out who it was. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone in there. It was spring break. I blinked once and the figure was gone. I was quite scared that day, all day, to be honest.

The next day, I was walking from a store and sensed something from a dark alley. It was a very strange feeling, that made me feeling like something was calling me. Unfortunately, my dumb curiosity, lead me to go there. I saw the figure appear out of nowhere.

The figure was just as I saw it from the window. I thought that I could only see a black figure, because it was far away. Although, I was wrong, when I saw the figure again, it was just a black figure. It was like a shadow that had came to life.

The figure spoke to me. It said, “Do you wish to have more? To be much more than you could ever be.” I stood quietly for a good 20 seconds or so. Finally, I got up the courage to ask, “Who are you? What are you?” The figure’s response was, “That is none of your importance. Now answer my question, young mortal.” I told him that I guess I would like to have more. He then took out his hand and showed it to me. A black orb appeared floating on his hand.

The sphere looked like a bunch of lost souls wishing to be freed. The figure asked, “Do you accept this power?” Looking back, I don’t know what happened to me that made me say yes. I mean I was kinda depressed lately since my girlfriend had broken up with me two days ago, before I saw the figure. I was also thinking, out of depression, that we will all eventually die. I wondered what it would be like being dead. That it’d be like being asleep but for eternity. I then was thinking that immortality would be amazing, having infinite chances to fix anything and enjoy life forever.

The figure then trusted the orb into my chest. I immediately felt excruciating pain. I was yelling as loud as I could, but people were just passing by like I wasn’t there at all. Then all of a sudden I blacked out. I then woke up in my bed. I was confused as hell then I looked out the window and saw the figure in the same window once again.

I heard his voice saying, “You have been granted the power of immortality, but everyone else in the world has now disappeared. You’ll now live alone for eternity, til the end of time.” I then knew that I messed up. I yelled out my window to please reverse this. The figure then said, “This was your wish wasn’t it?” He then faded away.

It’s now been 27 years. I’ve wished  to die countless times a day, every day. The streets are deserted… The world is deserted.

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    Ahh a great idea for story yeah
    wished for die ,but gained immortality
    broken up with girlfriend, became alone, after immortallity now became alone again, like this word, from dust to dust
    suffered and cannot be killed maybe a solo powerfull character right?
    this is a good one..