The Crying Woman

Around a month ago, I was walking down my street, when I thought I heard a woman cry. I thought I was hearing things, and ignored it. The next day, I heard the same thing again. This time, I went to go check it out. It took about an hour to get to the woman, making my legs super tired. I heard the crying get closer and closer.

It sounded like it was behind me now, so I turned around. I didn’t see anything. I got confused, and asked my self if this was all in my head. Then I heard a terrible scream. My ears rang for about a minute, and I had to blink to focus again. I turned around and saw what had screamed. I screamed back at it. But my scream was a terrified scream.

I ran, and ran, and ran, and ran. It felt like I was running for hours. I started to cry, thinking I’d never escape this terrifying woman. That’s when, all of a sudden, I felt a knife stab through my leg. I screamed in agony. I could only limp after getting stabbed, so of course, the woman caught up with me. When I felt her hand touch me, I blacked out.

I woke up, with my arms tied to a tree. I knew I had a knife in my pocket, so I shimmied my arms down the trunk, and grabbed my knife. I cut the rope, and ran. All of a sudden, I started to feel all dizzy, and tired. I crawled my way back home after falling to the ground. I had a terrible dream that night. I was cut and stabbed by that woman. The scars are still forming.

I’ve been hearing more of them around my house lately, and I think I’m gonna move. I just have one piece of advice for you. WATCH OUT. They’re everywhere. If you hear crying near your house in the woods, move to a new house as fast as possible.

  • Judge

    This story s***s

  • Simon

    A spooky thing happened and then another spooky thing happened and then a scary thing happened and then “the end”. How very spooky.