The Creature

“She was 15. She was just 15!” My mom is saying.

My sister, Kayla, was murdered three days ago. Mom is now talking to the police. They say that they have not found any leads.

A week later…

Mom says that we need to clear out Kayla’s room. I told her that I did not want to so she let me go for a walk. After some wandering around town I decided to go to my favourite forest. Once I got there I stood at the edge thinking. I heard something.

“Wait, did you hear that?” I said to no one. “Oh yeah, I’m alone.”

I was used to walking with my sister… but I was sure I had heard a noise, a quiet sound, a whisper. I turned around and I saw… nothing but trees and grass. Even though there was nothing there I was creeped out so I turned to go home.

I was five blocks away from my house, walking slowly, when I heard the noise again. This time it was louder. I freaked out and started running.

I was four blocks away. Three blocks and I was tired, two and I felt like I was going to faint, one block away. I was almost there! I could see my house! I could see nothing. Just darkness.

I woke up in a strange place with the creature. The creature that murdered my sister standing over me. He commands me.

“Kneel before me.”

I do not mean to, but my body moves against my will to do what he said.

“What is your name boy?”

This time I try to fight it, but my mouth works against me. “My name is Andrew. I am under your control, master.”

I woke up later in my bed. I was SOOO happy to be home! I thought that it was all a horrible dream. I call for my mom. She rushed up the stairs yelling with joy.

“Oh! Andrew! You’re okay!” Once she gets into my room I try to tell her about the dream. Try. Instead of my own voice, it is my masters voice from the dream.

“Yes, but you won’t be.”

I freak out realizing that the dream was not a dream, it was a vision sent to me from the creature that was now my master. I find myself with a knife. The next thing I know my mother is bead on the floor and I feel a smirk cross my face. The creature that was controlling me releases me. Realizing what I have done I decide to end my own life in payment to mother. I do not get to think another thought or move another millimeter before the creature said through my mouth.

“You may be free but, you will not be alone. EVER.”

I go back to what I was doing and turn the knife on myself, “I am sorry mom.”

My last sensations where an exploding pain in my chest and thinking I heard a laugh that came from a creatures mouth, the creature that successfully killed my sister, then my mom and then me.

I am the creature. I can control anyone and anything. I can force you to do the one thing that most would never dream of… kill. If you mess with me you will end up killing your loved ones.

This story was not written to scare. It was written to warn. Warn people not to mess with things that they do not understand. So, do not cross me or you and your family and friends will die!

  • Richard Cutright

    Not bad.

    Maybe space the detail out, and add a little more to the setting, but good story. Thumbs up 👍

  • Synoria

    Great premise! Flesh it out a bit more, build up that tension more, you are headed in a wonderful direction! Keep it up 😁

  • Ray Ramirez

    Creative, I like it 🙂

  • Nichole Gregory

    This is so Creepy I will never mess with the Creature because I don’t want my family,my loved one or my best friends to die because if they do die then the Creature will make me do the same thing it did to my family,my loved one and my best friends

  • Brandon Barrett

    That was horrible, the plot was boring and the ending was probably the worst I’ve ever read