The Church

My grandfather died recently. So I have to attend the funeral. We were never close. But my parents were close with him, and they said they can’t leave a 15-year-old girl home alone.

I don’t know why. I’m 15 and they still treat me like a baby. So on the way there the car in front of us held the coffin loosely with ropes as if it were going to slip thorough the rope and fall on us.

We reached the grave yard which looked like was miles long. We walked a while until we reached a deep hole in the ground. I felt tingle down my spine. I never liked funerals. Had only been to a couple but still every time I felt dizzy.

I look in the corner of my eye and saw a church. It was a little ways off but I wanted to go in. Before I could think longer I started towards the church. When I reach the door on the side I pushed and pulled on the handle.

The door was blocked by a bench. I walked to the main door and reach out to push on the door but it opened before I touched it. I walked in and noticed the piano and broken table first. I started towards the piano and tried a few keys, but the piano seemed broken.

There was a door next to the piano. I opened it and it was too dark to see inside. So I grabbed my phone and turned on the flash light. As I did so I tripped on something And fell down some stairs. When I reached the bottom I couldn’t see daylight from the door.

I picked up my phone and looked around with a flash light. I smelled a stench so horrible my nose burned. I looked up and saw bodies, among bodies hanging. The floor felt sticky on my leg. The irritation on my leg from the made me feel like standing up, as soon as I tried a sharp pain shot through my left leg.

I shone the light on the leg and my ankle stood out instantly. A bit of bone stuck on the side of it. My ankle was obviously broken. I put aside the bodies, my broken ankle, and what ever weird s**t was going on down here and I tried to climb up the stairs. Every step was pain. When I reached the top the door was stuck. Then everything went blank and then nothing.

My head is pounding. My whole body burns. It feels like I’ve been asleep forever. When I remember what going on I look up at the door. The staring at the door seems to go for awhile until I start banging my body against the door trying to open it.

Finally the fly open. I crawl out a bit quezy. Everything seemed a bit newer. I reach the main room and there’s a person on the preacher stand and people in seats listening. They all look at me and smile.

The preacher like person walks over and yells to the others, “She is here! The sacrifice has arrived!”

He tried to grab me, but I had seen enough horror movies to know what wad happening and that this was a cult. I look around for the nearest weapon. A candle holder I thought. I grabbed one of them and beat him to death.

The rest ran over and tried to hold me down. I just swung the candle stick. I hit some them probably hard enough to kill them. This continued until I felt quezy again. The blood loss from my ankle and any other injury started to get to me and I passed out.

NEWS: Recently a 15-year-old girl Casey Tuts, who was missing for 3 days murdered 3 members of her search team and injured 1. She is now under going psychological evaluation. After some say she said something about being attacked by a cult.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    That was a really interesting concept, just slow down and add some more details. Keep writing!

  • Lisa S.

    It needs editing but the content is interesting and I agree that it needs more details.