The Church

I knew two guys, they did anything they could for attention. They would show off in public, especially in front of girls. One day they made a bet with another friend as they were walking home, he said, “I bet you $5 that me and Tyrone can enter that abandoned church and vandalize it.” Their friends made the bet and Tyrone and Carlos entered the church. Upon entrance, they regretted it, the chairs were burnt and most of the building was dark with only patches of the roof broken. They started destroying the chairs more broken than they already were and broke some of the windows. When they were finished they heard footsteps, it wasn’t theirs and it certainly wasn’t their friends so without hesitation they ran out of the church. Upon exit they grabbed their $5 and just went home to call it a night.

The next day, they went back to the church but this time, with spray cans. They went back into the church and went to a clear wall and started spray painting.

They heard the same footsteps as yesterday but brushed it off as one of their friends pranking them, Carlos called out, “Enough bro, no pranking us in here.” As they continued so did the footsteps but this time, they looked for the cause of them but found nothing. Tyrone returned to what he was doing but Carlos was still looking. Carlos started screaming but all of a sudden it was cut off, Tyrone turned around and he started screaming and his scream was cut off as well.

The next morning, the bells rang but instead of the normal bells, you could hear screaming, the bells were the sounds of the boys screams as the wires were the boys vocal chords. Everyone could hear those screams, even until today

  • Romeo Sanchez

    This was Pretty interesting. will you make a part 2 of it so we can find out who(or what) did it? 9.8/10

  • IronMosquito

    I like the idea, but it’s not really that in-depth. It needs a bit more detail. Good job though!