The Cards Read Yes

My name is Zack. I’m 15 years old and live in LA. Me and my friends enjoy doing scarey and haunted stuff, but it turned out that our little hobbie would be how we dug our own graves.

It was a hot summer morning on July 17th when my friend David came to the rest of the group and introduced to us a haunted card game. He said it was sort of like the ouija board so we all were immediately curious.

He told us, in almost a rushed way “Meet me at the park at 4pm today”. Before anyone could say anything, he left the call and went offline. My friend Brandon said, “Dude this is super sketchy, David is usually the most brave.”

I replied with a, “I know dude but after what happened to his grandmother…” You see, David’s grandmother was the one who told us about these games and challenges. But suddenly one day she started yelling and gasping for air, she made on last game recommendation that day: “play the card game”.

Obviously at first David had no idea what she meant but after some reasearch, he had found it. David, being blinded by wanting to speak with his grandmother again, didn’t notice that every time she made a recommendation she would warn us to be cautious or not to do it.

This time she acted as if she desperately wanted us to. The rest of us only learned of th full story while it was too late. But enough background knowledge,ill get back to the story.

After the rest of the group discussed what precautions to bring, we all got dressed, took our game bags and headed for the park. No one knew hat to expect but we didn’t think it would be more dangerous than the other games.

When we got to the park we went into our little corner where no one could see. The locals already knew our hobbie, but we didn’t want them seeing us regardless.

David set up the cards according to the rules online. We only used two players, Brandon and David. Meanwhile Me, Todd and Corey just watched with the protection.

We had all kinds of spells and exorcism since we heavily believed in this stuff. Thank god we did, some of the games ended up getting really h******e.

Brandon started the game asking the classic, “Is there any spirit willing to talk to us?” Then David did the answer checking thing, which none of s understood and apparently it read “Yes”.

David then asked, “Do we know you?”. It read “Maybe”, confused we continued. Brandon said, “Are you a demonic force?” It read “Yes”.

The ones not playing including myself stared getting the demon gear ready. David said suddenly, “Can you show me my grandmother…” We all stared at him, he broke on of our rules: don’t get personal or try to contact a lost family member.

It read yes… as if it were an act of god, David started to tear up. Without waiting for Brandon’s turn David asked, “Will you let me talk to her?” We knew we had to stop the game but it read yes.

Todd got out the air soft gun which had the pellets switched for salt ones. “Dude we gotta stop this NOW,” Corey said his voice cracking into his other one. Corey had been possessed by a demon in one of our first games and whenever something demonic was coming, his voice would eat distorted.

We all noticed this and Brandon tied to say goodbye but David punched him across the face. “Show her to me!” He cried, the cards read yes.

David started saying what he wanted to say to his grandmother like “goodbye” or “I’ll miss you”. He asked one more question… “are we in danger?”. Finally some sense was getting into him, but Brandon took the cards and put them back in the deck.

David was weeping now, as he calmed down we discussed what happened while Corey logged the game experience as always. Meanwhile Todd sketched a picture to come with the log.

Then it hit me and I said aloud, “Guys… we didn’t say goodbye, we didn’t end the game.” “You serious?” Corey said as he looked up mid sentence. “Don’t worry about it,” Brandon said, “This game isn’t very powerful so we should be fine.”

”But that was a demon, one with access to the dead souls,” Todd chimed in. “Dude demons lie, like the time when we went to he cemetery.” “Lie or no lie you heard Corey, his voice changed,” I said.

”She always said not to mess with demons…” David said suddenly. Brandon patted his shoulder, “It’s cool dude, no worries.”

We all set over at David’s house that night. But the demon was not done with us…

To be Continued…

  • Alissa Isley

    Cool a few grammatical/spelling/capitalization mistakes but I can’t wait to see pt. 2 🙂

  • Bonnie Manz

    You should definitely edit this. It’s a good story but it’s hard to get past the grammar errors.

  • Jack Naserum

    Thank you for the feedback! I will take all of it into consideration!

  • Burlierbard

    Story is okay, spelling is very iffy, and it was a little hard to understand because the sentences didn’t flow together. Just proof read out loud might help you write. 🙂 2 out of 5 stars