The Broadcast

In 1988 an unknown broadcast overtook several UHF stations in the Midwestern United States for six consecutive nights. The broadcast would last for only a few minutes and consisted of white static with a gray silhouette of a person in the center of the screen. The shadowed figure spoke with a an androgynous but deep voice and always spoke in whispers.

Those who witnessed the unknown broadcast reported that the figure would make bizarre statements that would influence one person but not another.

It’s been confirmed by the witnesses that the figure had said the following: ‘Go to sleep’, ‘Don’t drink the water’, ‘Conceive’, ‘Don’t believe anyone’, ‘Don’t trust anyone’, ‘Save me’, ‘Use the knife’, ‘Bury him’, ‘Burn the evidence’ and ‘Find me’.

After the broadcasts hit the airwaves and massive string of criminal activities began manifesting throughout the Midwest: Burglaries, physical and sexual assaults, attempted murder, attempted suicide and arson plagued many towns and cities.

Those who were arrested all claimed that the were just following orders and that they had to listen because the figure’s voice gave them recurring nightmares. The nightmares only stopped after they committed the crimes.

The origin of the broadcast remains unknown and the purpose of the broadcast has never been determined.