The Apparition Inferno

You’ve heard of Creepypastas.

You’ve grown to love them.

But you didn’t know you’d be one.

Emily Abigail Rose Crouch. A 12 year old girl with brown hair and eyes who wore a black and grey hoodie. A normal teenager, right? Wrong. She was absolutely obsessed with the internet stories known as Creepypastas. She would roleplay them. She would draw them all the time.

She always loved being scared. Or at least trying to be scared.

See, Emily had a problem.

 She Couldn’t Be Scared.

So, She always thought it was easy through life. Being confident all the time.

But she was wrong.


“Dad, I don’t care what Katherine wants!”

The words rang out like a light in darkness.

“Well I don’t care, You’re going to take her to the park.”

The girl in the black and grey hoodie crossed her arms, rolling her eyes. “Fine whatever. I don’t care.” She got the keys and headed out, Her sister not too far behind. They headed to the park. It was close to 7 pm there. She hadn’t a problem with walking in the dark. Til Katherine, her 9 year old sister, Had said that she felt like they were being watched. No one was at the park really. Well, Other than a child as old as her sister.

Emily, Being the person she was, went to ask the kid where his parents or guardian was. She only got a smile in return as the kid ran off. It only got an eyeroll from Emily. At least, Til she turned to tell her sister that they were going home.

Her sister was gone.

There was only one person at the park now. Emily.

At least, That’s what she saw. From outside of the park, You saw Both girls. One playing, the other one just sitting there.

Only one showed emotion.

The smell of burning filled the air.

The younger girl went to get her sister to go home, getting her out of an almost trancelike state.

They both ended up getting home safely.

The next day, They headed to school.

Emily and Katherine had different school buildings so it was fine for now.

The day passed with nothing happening so, Once more. Close to the same time, They went back to the park.

The same series of event happened.

Except only one girl got out.


The fire had been in the forest but one found its way to the park this time.

Katherine noticed it and ran home.

Emily didn’t.

It didn’t even hurt in her opinion.

And yet, When she went home, Everyone worried.

Her once long brown hair was short.

Her pale skin had some color to it.

But what set everything off was her eyes.

Her eyes were black for the most part. Other than the pupil and iris. They were white. As if, someone put only her eyes into an inverted color photo.

She saw no problem.

She said she was fine.

So the next day, they took her to the hospital to see what was going on.

But no answer came.

She was kept home for a good while.

Kept off the internet, Kept in her room for she wouldn’t come out.

When her dad went to check on her, She was gone.

The only thing there, was a note saying,
“I told you months ago about the pure black girl with white eyes under the bed. Now she’s gone.”

Her dad thought it was joke from under her bed being too much of a mess.

But recalling what she said, She had said that the bed was cleaned out after being said it was a mess.

So he looked under.

To see a pure black girl with white eyes.

She was only there for a second.

Before she disappeared.


A scream came from down the hall.

A child running from their room.

And a girls laughter being heard.


The news was turned on in another house.

News for today:
A black girl with white eyes had been seen under beds.
Do NOT be outside at parks past 5 pm.
She’s said to primarily be seen at these times.

News spread quick.

Everyone at her school years ago knew who it was.

And yet

No one knew Where she was.

The only thing left after her appearences, Was a fire.


You shut the computer. It was just a story. It wasn’t even a creepypasta really.

Well, You thought it was just a story.

Til you looked under the bed and saw white eyes.

“Don’t look under the bed.”


A fire was in the house.

And no one heard of anyone inside the house.

And yet,

Everyone was gone.

And cremated remains were there.

And so,

The news had gotten to worse people known.

The murders.


And Game parasites.

Just another competitor in the killing game.

And yet,

No one could get a name.

So, The girl with white eyes was called…

The Apparition Inferno.

  • Bonnie Manz

    Your story doesn’t make sense and the grammar and punctuation need to be worked on.

  • Ceci

    I thought the story was alright tbh

  • Jed

    0/5 Confusing, cheesy, and choppy in pace.