That Thing

Hi. My name is Joel, I am 22 and I have experienced something unimaginable.

It happened on the 21st of May 4 years ago. I had just finished work and I was at the Train Station. Whilst waiting for the train, I found a turquoise pouch with some Japanese writing on it under the bench. It’s purpose there was an enigma but being the nosey person I am, I decided to open it. The scariest thing then happened. All the lights in the entire Station and surrounding area turned off. Furthermore, I became giddy and soon, unconscious.

“YOU POSSESS SOMETHING OF OURS!!” a mysterious voice shrieked. The voice was so high-pitched that I thought that my ears were bleeding. I felt something in my hand. I looked down and realised that I was holding the pouch. I opened it and found something that was so horrifying that I threw up in my mouth. Inside the pouch was… a heart, still beating. I wasn’t sure if it was a human heart an animal one.

“Sir, are you okay?” a man asked. I woke up in a cold sweat and looked back at my hand to find it empty. The pouch had disappeared and all the lights were back on. I nodded my head sat back up on the bench.

Now, every time I sleep I get nightmares of that… thing. I’ve went to the police for help but the only think they believed was that I was a lunatic.

If anyone reads this, know this – if you find any bag or container with the word “神聖” on it, DO NOT OPEN OR YOU WILL SUFFER FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG!!!