Hi! I am Chloe, I have a stuffed bear that is named Teddy. He makes me happy and protects me too from anything he finds threatening to me or him…

A year has past, It was time to celebrate my birthday with my good old pal Teddy. Too bad the whole family is gone..gone because Teddy made them suffer for threatening me. I’m fine with that, all I know is that Teddy is always by my side even if I am the only  one who can see him move.

Let me tell you about how I got Teddy! It was a slightly warm Christmas morning, gifts were ready to be unwrapped by smiling kids. My siblings got what they wanted for their wish list but not me… I was the one who doesn’t get anything on Christmas morning because I was a mistake… an accident.

My crooked parents treat me as if I was an animal in the zoo. They give the same kind of food my siblings get instead I just one broccoli for every meal. Life was hard back then for me, I had to do all of the house chores while my happy family relaxes.

In the Christmas morning, my siblings got their gifts but I didn’t but something happened on that day. The door of our house was knocked on, when we opened the front door a large package was on the welcome matt of the house with a note on it too saying, Teddy will fulfil all of your desires.

Without any hesitation, both of my parents took the box in and opened it up. They found a stuffed bear in it that had a rather creepy smile. My parents took the stuffed bear and threw it in the trash. I felt very sad for the bear so when it turned night time, I sneaked out of the house and took the bear out of the trash can.

On the next morning, something woke me up. It was the bear, it greeted me with a hello but I screamed and ran to my parent’s room and woke them up, they told me to get out of their room and that I was talking nonsense. I walked back sneakily to my room to see if the bear was still there, when I opened my room door the bear was looking at the small window of my room and then turned back to look at me.

The bear then introduced itself saying that its name was Teddy, I simply replied with a hi.

From then on, Teddy has been with me all this time.

On a late night, I was lying on my bed thinking about what my parents were going to do to me tomorrow. Teddy, looking curios as usual asked if I was fine because I looked stressed and I replied him saying that my parents were very violent  towards me. Teddy then asked if I wanted to get rid of them, being too late to answer I just said whatever.

The next morning, I woke up but something wasn’t right so I got up of bed and walked downstairs. I waited for my parent to wake up but after an hour, I wondered what was taking them so long. Eventually I walked to their room and checked if they were there but I found no one, even my siblings were gone.

I then asked Teddy if he knew what happened to them but he replied with a shrug. From then on, things started to get suspicious. I simply did not bother as I was finally home alone and nothing could bother me anymore.

Well, until I found the truth of Teddy. I was at the basement of the house, looking for the broom as I made a little mess in the kitchen. I walked down to the basement and something caught my eye, It seemed to be a body covered in a huge   plastic bag and a stench of blood came to my nose. I walked towards the body slowly and identified it to be my father.

I turned back and saw Teddy at the basement door,he spoke to me in a deep voice stating that now you know the truth about me. I looked at him and walked back slowly, he came down the stairs quick and stared at me saying this few words, the same will happen to you if you tell anyone…

I nodded and walked up to the kitchen.

From then on, I have kept Teddy’s secret. I hope that whoever is reading this, please send help, I need help… I AM AFRAID!

  • Emilie Hebert

    That’s creeping me out😨😨

  • Jessica

    Wow nice your amazing is it true

  • Creepy! Gave you a three because of the grammar, but other than that it was chilling.

  • Jessica

    I will never see a stuffed bear the same way again