Taken Book One

It was dark… The only thing in view was one light in the middle of the spacious… dark… room… but that’s not where this story begins. It begins with me walking back to school… For my phone… Again…

You: *Sighs, and walks to locker putting in the combination grabbing your phone,and shutting your locker walking back out of the school*

*Something slams loudly after you in the distance*

You: *Pauses for a moment then keeps walking*

Janitor: *Waves hi and smiles*

You: *Waves and smiles back to be nice… you reach the door to get outside… then a boy approaches you*

Boy: Hello *waves*

You: Hi… *you look away a little nervous trying to get home, thinking about what your (whomever you live with) will say*

Boy: *Looks at you concerned* You ok?

You: Yea I… I gotta go… bye *you begin to run as you hear footsteps follow behind you, but you do not dare to turn around… you turn around the block and the footsteps stop… But you keep running not realizing there is a pothole in front of you, and as you stop just a few inches in front of the pothole you turn around seeing a man at the end of the street you slowly rear backwards and fall into the hole*

Man: *Whispers*

You: h-huh *you blackout*

*You wake up in a dark spacious room with a light in the middle of your gaze, you don’t know how long you’ve been out, but you know this definitely isn’t home… or the hospital*

Deep Voice: Well, heh I see your awake

You: How long have I been out?

Deep Voice: Apparently… Not long enough

You: What do u mean not long enough?

You: Who are you??? Where am I????

Deep voice: All your questions will be answered if you answer mine… correctly…

You: Ok then hit me with em

Deep voice: Hit you with what?… heh… this?

*You see something gleaming in the darkness and all you felt was pain in your outer thigh on the left*

You: AHHHH [email protected]#!!!!!

Deep voice: Heh you told me to hit you so I did… Now first question… Who are you?

You: Shouldn’t you know that?

Deep voice: Wrong answer

*Another sharp pain hits but this time on your right outer thigh*


Deep Voice: Next Question…


Deep Voice: Wrong… Answer

You: *You feel numb all over… you can’t hardly think, and all you can see before you blackout is the tall dark figure of your captor*

You: *You wake up in the hospital wondering if it was a dream… but the back of you head is stained with blood and you can’t feel or move your legs.*

Doctor 1: GET (your gender) TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!

Nurse: ON IT SIR!

You: *You don’t know what’s happening but your frightened of why your capture let you escape, maybe he or she wanted you to heal for another beating… if he or she can find you… again…*

  • Puddin Tane

    3 of 5 stars as the story makes no sense. I feel the story wants to be a good one but its lacking a “theme”, I guess, is the word. Can’t really see where this is going.

  • Lucas Myers

    Terribly written I see it wants to be from the perspective of the reader but fails to do anything of the sort. 1.5/5 at best