Sunnyside Asylum

I was walking around town one day. I had come across a building I had never seen before. It was about three stories high,  it didn’t have very many windows. Which seemed extremely odd to me. The building had multiple holes in it, the roof was about to collapse, the windows were cracked some were missing. I looked up in one of the windows and I saw what looked like a shadow figure. I didn’t think of it as anything, so I shook it off.

Then, I had turned to walk away. I had a strange feeling I was being watched. I could feel two cold eyes just staring at me. When I turned there was no one there. I broke off into a run, considering I had begun to panic. I had ran all the way home.

After I got home I decided to call my best friend Mitchell, so I could tell him what happened at that building. “Hey, Mitchell some weird s**t happened at a building I had never noticed before”. I said this to him over the phone. “Oh, really”? He asked me. He had a curious tone in his voice. “I was going to go back later tonight would you like to join me”? I asked him.

“Absolutely”. He said before he hung up the call and made his way over to my house. He arrived in about ten minutes. I invited him in and we talked until about midnight. “Are you ready”? I asked him. He nodded his head and we made our way to the building. I noticed a sign that wasn’t there earlier today. It read Sunnyside Asylum. “That sign wasn’t there earlier”. I said to myself.

We circled around the building, we finally found a slit we could have both fit through. We made it into the building. The inside looked really old. There were cracks in the ground, there were also demonic looking symbols on the wall, and very disturbing drawings. I wouldn’t like to go into detail what the drawings were. Although, they did make my stomach turn.

We walked down the hallway, it felt as if the walls were closing in every step we took. Then, out of nowhere there was a loud scratching sound along the walls. “What the hell”?! Mitchell exclaimed. “I don’t know man”. I said with a sound of terror in my voice. The scratching got louder as we closed in on one of the rooms. I opened the door the knob was extremely creaky. Then, I saw the shadow figure the same one I saw earlier in the day. It let out a wailing sound which made it feel like my ear drums explode.

Mitchell let out a scream as the figure rushed toward him, like supersonic speed. I panicked​ and I grabbed his arm and tried to get out of the building as fast as I could. Unfortunately, there was no exit it was like every exit was just gone, vanished into thin air. We were trapped, the figure appeared again. This time it had an axe. It let out the same wailing sound as before. It swung the axe at Mitchell. Luckily, it only nipped his skin.

We finally managed to find the slit in which we entered and we slipped out as fast as we could. We ran to my house and we made it breathing heavily. The next day we had walked over to the area the building was and it was gone.

  • Sebastian Perry

    If i credit you, can i do a video where i read this?

  • Kevin Short

    It a very good and spooky story just make shore of spelling

    • Akatsuki ♡


    • Edz

      Lol he says make shore of spelling trying to correct someone but you can’t even spell lmfao