I think it’ been there for a few days. It feels like years though. Every time I head into that room I feel nauseous and smell something very foul. The smell is unbearable but it just looks so perfect.

So beautiful.

It’ silhouette stands before me. A glowing light as it stands there. An angel standing at the gates of heaven, a luminescent halo above its head. The gray color of the structure stands there. Stone-faced, cold, solid, and glimmering.

My creation.

I can’t believe that a mistake so small could lead to something this gorgeous. I never meant to do it. I’ telling you it was just a mistake. I wasn’t paying attention. He ran out in the middle of the road, it’ his own fault. It was to fast for me to stop.  He was already dead and no one was around so I made him new. This statue is his beautiful tombstone. I can see the childish spark even if his eyes are now stone. No. This thing is no longer beautiful. The mask it bares is now grotesque and twisted. A horrible face screaming in horrible silent agony.

That smell is coming from behind the statue again. Blood leaks from the door hidden behind the statue. I walk over to the statue, using my body weight to push against the statue as it slides on the floor with ease. I open the door.

The body’s gone.

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    Interesting twist, but I feel like the story is missing something.