Squirrel Bone

I woke up to the sound of the birds singing happily. It was a bright and lovely summer day outside, I felt my long brown hair and did it with the comb I had at my desk. My dark brown eyes glared back at me in the mirror, I knew what I wanted to do today and damn well no one could stop me. I called my buddy Joe and I asked him, “You ready?” He replied with a confident, “Are you?” I laughed then told him I would meet him at the drain. In my neighborhood there is a water drain that most people call a sewer. It is connected to a sewer but is mostly used to collect rain, we like to go down there and explore. I threw on a black T-shirt and a light gray and dark gray sweater which was more like a zip-up hoodie, I decided to wear long black pants as well regardless of it being summer.

I took my bike and drove down the street and through the park, when I slowed down for a bit at the steep hill as to not go too fast. I drank some water and noticed a squirrel facing me. It was odd because it faced me completely, like a plushy, furthermore it had no eyes. It wasn’t like empty sockets it just had skin and fur over it. The holes were there just covered. I brushed it off as my mind playing tricks and as shook my head and blinked, it was gone. I realized Joe may be already at the meeting place and raced over. We went over to where there was little vegetation and it was bare with only little river. I walked along the bare area and we had a blast exploring the vegetation at the end of the bareness.

But then I saw it, the dead squirrel, we thought it was cool to see a dead squirrel up close. Thing was… it had no eyes, just like the weird one I saw earlier, we knew there were coyotes further into the restricted area that sometimes died here. Even weirder it had no bones, at all. Its body was ripped open but we saw no bones.

“That is one ugly son of a b***h, ey?” Joe says to me.

“Uh huh,” I say distantly.

“You doin ok?” he says curiously.

“Uh,” I say slowly. I suddenly start hearing a ringing getting louder and louder and my vision, fixated on the mutilated corpse, starts to fuzz.

“JACK!” Joe yells as I snap back.

“Sorry I guess I just dozed off,” I said as if in a daze.

“Well, don’t do it again, were getting closer to the tunnel and the bigger brush,” he said.

“Alright then,” I exhaled. When we were at the tunnel we took out our flashlights and played around looking at the spiders and graffiti. As we were climbing out I saw the squirrel in the corner of my eye. When I shot my eyes back down the tunnel it was gone.

“Hey Jack you’re doing it again,” Joe said jokingly and I climbed up after him.

When I got home I was horrified at what I saw on my desk. A pile of bones were on my desk, I knew they were squirrel bones, I knew it was the squirrel’s bones. I looked away for a second and shot my head back. When I saw they were gone I started to feel something come over me. I brushed it off as after effects of the weird sight and went to wash my face and drink some water.

When I got back to my room I got a text from Joe saying, “That was fun ey Jacky?” I replied with, “Didn’t I tell you not to call me that XD,” “That’s true XD,” he responded with. “That corpse though was odd…” he said. “You can say that again- hey ima go I got some work to do,” I told him in text. “Ah typical Jack, working when you don’t have to” he texted me, I knew he had a smug look on his face and I went offline. I started drawing and researching dreams. I like to do that, dreams just seem like such interesting things.

When I woke up from my nerd session and realized it was 8:00, this is when I decided to sleep. I was tired so an early rest would help a bunch. In my dreams I saw it, the squirrel. We were in a dark void with nothing around, suddenly it started flooding with squirrel bones, they were everywhere.

“WHAT IS THIS TOMF***ERY!” I yelled. It was dumb but I didn’t care, I was filled with the horror of the bloody bones swallowing me.

We are one Jack, don’t deny me,” suddenly it was as if we merged. I woke up with a bump and it was 12:12 which I always joked as the hour of squirrels, simply because the numbers reminded me of the animal. I heard it whisper and a ghostlike figure of it came from my chest.

Time to kill“. I grabbed my comb which seemed to be made of squirrel bone, now it was one of those flip-up combs that looked like knives. I looked down and was surprised to see my hand had become pitch black like ash and my fingers were long and bony with long nails strong as metal. The rest of my body was the same, all black and bony.

I snuck to the bathroom to look in the mirror and my face looked like a dead man. My smile went close to my ears, I looked horrific, and I loved it. My eyes were black as night and when I tried to blink I didn’t have eyelids but instead a clear but moist layer went over my eyes making them white as milk, saturated my eyes.

I started to laugh like a maniac and realized I should not wake anyone, I went to the kitchen and got a big bread knife that was jagged and long, it too became made of squirrel bone. I went into my parents room and swiftly stabbed them in the throats. It pained me a little but then the joy overwhelmed the pain.

Fun isn’t it Jack?” it told me.

“What do I call you? My new friend?” I said in a softer voice than I had before.

For centuries I have been called Orion,” he said in his deep ominous voice.

“Well then Orion, shall we pay good old Joe a visit,” I said maniacally.

Wouldn’t want to keep him away from the fun,” And that was the beginning of the killer nicknamed Squirrel Bone.

  • Yaboi

    Mindless nonsense with too much detail on things that don’t matter and no details on the things that should have. Bad writing , small introduction, bad context, I rate it 2.4/6

    • Jack Naserum

      May I ask for some feedback on what would have been more important?

      • Yaboi

        Yes. Balance should have been the most important. In the beggining, you’re describing how you comb your hair in the morning. In the end, you are skipping propositions that could have explained us a LOT. Orion? C’mon man I know you could’ve have written a better name, and original. The end is extremely rushed and confusing, it destroys the rest. That’s what you need to realize it’s more important: the balance.

  • Dante

    Not my favorite story, and it seemed a bit rushed. Some part of it may have also been unexplained. However, the use of an original concept and the writing style in general shows potential. Keep writing, I’m sure you can create something good.

  • Aron Paul

    I thought it was pretty good

  • Sierraa

    This made no sense. And I agree with another comment about there being way too much detail in places that didn’t matter. Like what he was wearing for example.