I was on the case for the death of three girls at a boarding school, Tiffany B. Gray; age 17, Kimberly R. Lee; age 16, and Samantha P. Bell; age 16. Ms. Bell was found in her bathroom in the shower with both arms cut down in the middle from the elbow to wrist, Ms. Lee was found in Ms. Bell’s room she had hung herself, and Ms. Gray was found outside the school building she had jumped from the roof.  I questioned the other students, they were kind of nervous but from what they told me I learned all three girls were bullies and that their death wasn’t the first of the year.

Clara M. Cross; age 16, her birthday is the same day the three girls died. Ms. Cross had jumped from the roof weeks before the three girls’ deaths. Asking the other students that weren’t scared to talk, asking if the four were in a suicide pact? They all said no, but one of them told me that Ms. Cross was being bullied more so by the three and the night she had jumped was the same day the three girls attacked her.

Feeling like I was getting nowhere until Ms. Bell’s roommate asked me if I believed in ghost, well no I don’t when I said that her face went pale and looked around before she spoke. “I saw Clara… the night before Sam and her friends died. Clara stood over Sam’s bed and was looking down at her. When she noticed that I was awake she looked at me…” The girl swallowed and she was shaking, “her eyes shined a bright blue and she was crying blood, she looked sad but then she grinned at me before putting her finger to her lips and went shh then she put on a white mask, I blacked out from fear. I may sound crazy when I say this but Clara had something to do with their death! She’s still alive!”

Looking into the death of Ms. Cross thinking maybe she faked it somehow, but the report had the pictures taken of her laying on the concrete of the school’s ground, it said it all, she was dead for sure can’t fake the pictures, and there was a report for her autopsy I was out of town when it was all said and done. Looking for more information on Ms. Cross I found a lot, she has an older brother Robert P. Cross; age 20, who’s in the military. I know that name from somewhere… OH now, I remember, Robert is the kid that belonged to James Cross and Elizabeth Cross who both died in a house fire and I was the one to tell the two kids about the death of their parents. The poor kid has no luck, the death of his parents, then the death of his little sister.

It took a few days for me to be allowed to talk to Mr. Cross when I got the chance I had to leave work to do so. Mr. Cross stood in the main office waiting for me, we went into a private room to speak without him knowing I had a recorder, it already looked like he was hiding something.

Interview with Robert Patrick Cross: February 23, 2003, at 6:30 PM.

Mr. Cross: Why are you asking about my little sister’s suicide? I thought nothing more was going to be asked about it?

Detective: Well, your sister wasn’t the only one to kill herself at the school. In fact, on her birthday three other girls were found dead, they were believed to have killed themselves but I think they were murdered.

(Detective shows the pictures of the girls, Mr. Cross’s face went pale and blank when he saw them)

Mr. Cross: What about them? I don’t know them.

Detective: The principal and campus police said otherwise, you talked to these girls on the day you went to the school to get your sister’s belongings the principal noted that you looked furious when talking to them. Now, tell me again that you don’t know them.

(Mr. Cross sighs and rubs his forehead then leans back in his chair glaring at the Detective)

Mr. Cross: This girl right here.

(Mr. Cross puts his finger on Ms. Gray’s picture)

Mr. Cross: Had my mother’s necklace, and she lied saying Clara gave it to her. I know she took it from her!

Detective: You know a necklace wasn’t found on Ms. Gray, do you know anything about it?

(Mr. Cross looked down at the pictures glaring at it then looked back up at the Detective smirking)

Mr. Cross: Good, it didn’t belong to her in the first place! And I’m not seeing how any of this deals with my sister! Or about her death! So, if you don’t mind sir, I’m done with this interrogation!

(Mr. Cross stands up sliding the chair back under the table then heads towards the door)

Detective: Between you talking to the three victims looking pretty angry mind you, and then someone claiming to see your sister before the night of the three’s death, sounds fishy don’t you think? Both you and your sister didn’t like these girls and had it out for them.

(Mr. Cross stops before leaving as his grips the doorknob tightly)

Detective: So, do you have something to hide Mr. Cross?

Mr. Cross: Sir, if you’re trying to pin their death on me that’ll be the worst mistake you could possibly ever make, and if you’re trying to pin it on Clara so help me I’ll-

Detective: You’ll what? Are you threatening me, Mr. Cross?

(Mr. Cross glares at the Detective then smirked)

Mr. Cross: I’m not the one you need to be scared of, we’re done here.

Once I got back to my office right away I was informed that there was another suicide, this time it was a young man that drowned himself. When we got there the man’s mother was hysterical, screaming at us to save her son that was already gone. After they took the man’s body out of the water I and two others were left to investigate.

The feeling you get when you know you’re being watched was heavy even the two with me felt it. The sun was going down the other two were saying that there was nothing here that we should just go back to talk to the mother. There had to be something I know there was, telling them to just go back and that I’ll just be a few more minutes. Now alone, walking up and down the riverside hoping to find just the littlest clue but there was nothing, it got to the point I didn’t even know what I should be looking for.

Heading back to my car with failure and disappointment. The night was still dark till the clouds moved away from the bright moon which lit up the area around me and the forest. My car was parked under a tree that was blowing in the cold chilly wind but once the moonlight lit it up I stopped walking. Someone was sitting on the hood of the car with one leg pulled up to their chest, the other swinging in front of it, both their arms were wrapped around their leg that was close to their chest. My heart started to race when I saw their face, a pale white mask couldn’t really see the details from where I was standing they cocked their head at me. They were waiting for me, they waited for the other two to leave, it was now me and them out here far away from civilization. S**t, this isn’t good.

Putting my hand on my gun as they jumped off the hood and started to walk towards me with both their hands behind their back. “Stop where you are!” I hollered pulling my gun up and pointing it at them, they stopped coming towards me but kept their hands behind their back, “get on the ground and put your hands on your head!” The person turned their head then started to walk towards me again, taking their right hand out from behind their back to reveal a box cutter as they got close I had to do something, BANG! They dropped to their knees then fell backward, still being careful I quickly jog towards the person holding the gun at ready.

The suspect lied on her back not moving a muscle, she was wearing the school uniform from the boarding school but both the skirt and vest were red, her mask had two black eye holes I couldn’t see her real eyes, the mouth was just an X, both her arms and right leg were wrapped in medical wrap which had blood stains on them. I had shot her in the stomach putting my fingers on her neck trying to find a pulse when I got nothing, I swore under my breath then jogged to my car picking up my handheld radio but before I could make the call chills ran down my spine when I looked back to the girl.

She stood up slowly when she was on her feet she looked up at the moon, dropping the radio I reached for my gun again but stopped it felt like I didn’t have control over my body anymore, my mind was fuzzy but there were quiet whispers that I couldn’t understand. Swallowing hard I looked back at the girl she was looking back then started to walk towards me but it looked like she was teleporting as she walked.

When she was standing right in front of me I could understand what the whispers were saying, “do it, do it, do it, kill yourself!” Over their singing tone, there was another voice that was coming from the girl.  “You know one of the reasons people really kill themselves is to end the pain? Another is to try and stop the negative voices from speaking their poisonous words.” As she spoke some of the whispers screamed and cried over her my hand started to shake. “But sometimes that pain is caused by other people, those people will help the voices and make the pain worse! And when the sufferer had enough and ends it all, do you really think the enabler really gives a damn? Do they feel guilty!?” Some of the whispered hissed. “No, they don’t! They’ll keep hurting others and get away with it!” The girl yelled over them.

Holding my gun tightly I slowly brought it to my head it felt like something had a hold of me. As the whispers got louder and louder but her voice still could be heard over them.”Those girls? Do you know how many people they made suffer? How many of them wanted to end their pain! But those girls didn’t care the same with that boy, easy to drown if you don’t know how to swim!” She laughed which gave me goosebumps when she stopped the whispers screamed I put my finger on the trigger.

“Why should they have gotten away with it?!” She screamed then started to giggle lightly, “it’s all fun and games to make someone feel pain then make them feel like just ending it, you should know that?” She giggled more the face of a boy I knew in middle school popped into my head, I and a few friends bullied him till one day he just stopped coming to school because… “Because he stopped the voices, he ended his pain,  the same pain you and your friends made for him! The same pain and voices that wouldn’t go away because of you and the others wouldn’t stop feeding them!” She screamed same with the whispers my eyes started to water I wanted to say sorry but I still couldn’t speak or move just shake in fear. The girl sighed then cocked her head at me. “Now… Pull the trigger!” BANG!

She watched the Detective’s body dropped to the ground, some smoke flows from the barrel of the gun the whispers all become silent. Clara sighs, “ended the pain, ended the voices, ended the war between life and death. Death had won, yet here I stay.” She walks away as the moon gets blocked out by dark gray clouds once more.

  • Puddin Tane

    Good story idea but lacks proper punctuation. Didn’t read the rest as I don’t like editing while reading what could have been a good story.

    • Uneasefeline

      I’m going to work on it today, and sorry about the errors.