Something Standing in My Room

I’m gonna try to write a little right now because it’s still in here with me and I can’t seem to fall back asleep.

I don’t really know if it knows what I’m doing right now. My room is so quite but my television is on. I don’ think it likes that the t.v is on because of the light. Nothing is playing though.

Oh wait…

It just moved a little…

Okay it stopped.

This is the second night this has happened to me and I’ve been having terrible dreams for the past week.

I’m pretty sure it’s connected to it.

I haven’t had such horrible dreams ever. But I keep having this recurring one of someone singing to me while I’m trying to fall asleep in my bed.

Have you ever had a lucid dream before?

Well that is what it feels like, and when I finally fall asleep in my dream I wake up in reality to that thing standing in my room near my bed.

The only thing I’ve noticed is that each night it gets a little closer to my bed. I don’t know why it’s even here.

I’m actually typing this from under my covers on my phone. I don’t want to look out because I’m pretty disturbed by its presence.

I’ll keep everyone posted.


  • Burlierbard

    Turn the lights on. Duh. Lol.