Something In the Woods

It’s been a month since this incident happened and I’ve tried my best to forget about it, but my therapist told me its best for other people to know so it could hopefully avoid this same event happen to someone else.

My name is Eric, I’m now a senior in high school. I don’t want to say the name of the school because I don’t know if that thing can read or not. Anyways a month ago my friends and I went to the wood to camp at because of an urban legend at our town. The urban legend was called The Poison Sasquatch.

The Poison Sasquatch is a 7 foot tall human like ape that lives in the woods and kills the people who trespass its territory. Nobody knows why it does this. Also the reason why it’s called “The Poison Sasquatch” is because the teeth are venomous to the human body. The only evidence was that a man escaped the woods from the thing, he had a tooth that he claims was from The Poison Sasquatch. Now the whole town believes this urban legend. They say that deep in the woods, it lives in the biggest cave.

After school I told my friends that we will go to the woods that night, I got home gathered my things and was about to leave, then my sister came home.

Sally: Hey brother, where are you going?

Me: Oh um…I’m going to the park with my friends. You got to stay home though ok?

Sally: Ok

I see my little sister look down and walk to her room. I honestly felt bad I wanted to hang out with her, but I had a mission, to prove that The Poison Sasquatch isn’t real. So I head off to the woods in the town.

It was around 6:00 pm when I arrived to the entrance of the woods with 4 other people. They are Nick, Ashley, Aron, and Sasha. I walked towards them and I greeted them.

Nick: Damn it’s about time dude.

Ashely: I know right, like g******n you took forever!

Me: Yeah sorry about that, my sister asked me where I was going so I had to lie to her.

Aron: What if we actually found the Sasquatch, we’d not only be famous, we’d be rich also!

Sasha: W-Wait… sasquatch? As in The Poison Sasquatch!?

Ashley: Oh shut up Sasha it’s probably a myth. Wait why are you even here anyways?

Aron: I lied to her that we were going to the school dance.

Sasha: WHAT THE HELL!? YOU A*****E!

Me: Guys calm down ok? I’ll tell you the plan.

I told them on how we were gonna catch the beast, it’s basically where you have a lot of meat as bait, put it right on the trap, and let the trap do its job. We walked around in the woods and it took around an hour in order for us to find the Sasquatch’s territory.

Nick: Yes finally we’ve found it!

Sasha: SHHH!!! It might be sleeping.

We went inside the cave thinking it’ll be some bloody and scary place that’ll haunt us for the rest of our lives and….well, all there was is some bones of wolves, cows, birds, etc.

Ashely: Well this is lame. Ugh… let’s just put the trap up and get this over with.

Aron: Woah look at this!

He grabs what looks like an old teddy bear with some small cuts on the bear.

Aron: Here give this to you sister.

He puts it in my bag and I awkwardly thanked him.

We set up some blankets and pillows behind a large bush for us to sleep on, we set up the trap, put the bait on there and we waited. It was around 1:00 am where we woke up from a loud noise.

Nick: S**t! Was that the trap!

Sasha: I think so.

We all look up and see a squirrel caught on the trap, we were all pretty disappointed. Aron took the squirrel off the trap and tossed it away from us.

Ashely: Man this is stupid, we stayed here for nothing basically.

Aron: I know right, f*****g dumb.

Sasha: At least I can sleep well tonight.

Nick and I were just looking at each other and back at the spot where the bait would be at. All of the bait was gone, around 20 lbs of meat was on the trap. And somehow all of it was gone, we were completely confused. Then we suddenly heard loud footsteps followed by a blood curdling roar in the distance.

Sasha: W-What was that?

As soon as she said that we all see what looks like a 10 ft tall shadow behind her. It looked like it was pissed off, it had a face like the raptors from Jurassic Park. The body was somewhat muscular and it looked like it had large spiked like quils on its back. The tail was long and at the end there were a lot of those spike like quils. It was about to attack Sasha, so I push her out of the way and I got slashed by the arm, we all ran for our lives leaving half of our stuff. Luckily the claw cut wasn’t deep but it was bleeding badly.

Nick: S**t! What the f**k was that!

Ashley: Let me call the police!


I didn’t say anything because of me being scared completely, I thought to myself, “Was that The Poison Sasquatch!?” We got out of the woods and we were tired, scared, and shocked. We all sat down thinking we outran it.

Nick: I’m never going back in that place.

Me: Sane here.

I look at Sasha scared and was worried.

Sasha: Y-Your wound… are you ok!?

Me: I’m fine. Are you ok Ashley?

Ashley: Yeah, how about you Ni-

Nick was gone, we looked everywhere near us but… he wasn’t there. Then we all thought, “Was he taken by…it!?” I see Ashley freaking out and crying.

Ashley: Nick? Nick!? Nick!!!!!

She pulls out a gun out of her bag and she loaded it, we thought she was gonna kills herself in front of us, and then she said…

Ashely: I’m going back in there.

We were all shocked we all tried to stop her but she ran into the woods. Only a minute went by and we decided to call the police, once we finished the call we all went to our homes. We stayed with each other until we got to our house for protection of course. We all said goodbye and once I got home, I went to bed.

I woke up around 11:30 am the next day. I grabbed my phone and noticed a message from my mom telling me to watch Sally while she is gone for the day. I had my phone in my hand as I walked downstairs and I see my little sister watching TV in the living room. I asked her if she was ok and she said yes with a smile.

Me: So what did you do while I was gone?

Sally: Nothing much, but I saw something stare at our house for a little while.

Me: Wait what?

Sally: Yeah here I drew of what it looks like.

She ran to the kitchen very excited to show me her drawing, I looked at the living room TV and a news report comes down talking about the disappearances of Nick and Ashely. I wanted to cry because I completely regret everything we did last night, I remember before Nick and I passed out he said, “Once we are done with this whole thing, tomorrow I’m going to see my grandmother before she passes away”. As i remeber this tears run down my eyes as i thought of myself as an a*****e for bringing him along, not knowing that he would more than likely die in a horrible death.

As i was trying not to cry from this my sister came back and showed me the drawing. It was that thing from last night.

Me: U-Uh… uh…

Sally: Are you ok brother?

She looked worried as she did something wrong. I dropped my phone. My blood went cold.