Something in the Woods Part 2: It Came Back

It has been 5 years since the whole incident happened. I’ve moved to a new state, made a family of 2 with my wife, and now I barely talk to my family ever since I moved out. Even though I’m happy with my family, I do hate myself ever since my friends what I think died from whatever took them.

Today I was walking home from a run and as soon as I open the door I see my wife run to me and yell, “Can you stop breathing on my f*****g neck! It’s creeping me out!” I look at her just a little annoyed. “Again like I said, I’m not doing that s**t.” I said wiping the sweat off my head. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle, I see my wife run to me and took off her shirt. “Wait we’re doing this here!? Now!?” I said shocked. She looked at me rolling her eyes, “No the kids are sleeping next to the couch, look.” She showed me what looked like an odd rash on her left back side of her shoulder. I was concerned when I got this and then I asked, “When the hell did you get that!?” “I think last night,” she said a little scared. I didn’t hesitate and took her to the doctor to see what was wrong with the shoulder.

The doctor looked at the rash and said, “Well it looks like a rash… but something’s odd.” “What’s wrong?” I asked worried. “These small boils,” the doctor said as he pops one of the small boils. My wife winced in pain, “Ow, hey! Be careful!” I was scared thinking that something horrible happened, I see the doctor what looks like thinking of what may have caused this. Then he said, “Maybe this could be a bad sunburn.” I didn’t believe it, my paranoid problems were getting a me. “No it can’t be, she was at the house all day yesterday,” I said getting a little worried and annoyed. “Ok I’ll give her this,” he gives my wife a bandage and wrapped around the bandage on the rash. We left the doctor’s office and we drove home.

We got into the house and my boys ran towards us. “Daddy, Mommy, where did you guys go?” Harold asked us. “We were just driving around sweety,” she smiles trying not to get our kids worried. “Hey dad can I use the XBox?” Chase asked in excitement. I said yes and he ran to the living room and booted up the XBox, soon after Harold played with him. My wife and I walked to our room and we went to sleep for around 3 hours.

I woke up hearing my wife groaning in pain, I was worried hoping that she was alright or was cramping for a little bit. “Hey baby? You ok?” I said worried. “Y-yeah… just go back to sleep ok?” my wife said a little tired. I did what she said and went back to sleep. I woke up again around 10 at night seeing my wife scratching the bandage. “Hey you shouldn’t be scratching that,” I run up to her trying to stop her from scratching it more. “Seriously check the damn thing it itches and hurts like hell!” she yelled trying to scratch the bandage again. I took off the bandage and the padding was soaked with blood, the rash… well it wasn’t even a rash anymore. The rash turned to bleeding skin. I freaked out and took her to the hospital. Once we got there doctors took her to the emergency room to do surgery on her. It took about an hour or two, as i was waiting, I look at the window to see some big shadow run across the hospital outside. Even though it was hard to see, it looked a little familiar. I decide to ignore it thinking it was either a bear, or a car.

Once they were done doing surgery on her, they told me she would be staying here just in case if the injury would get worse. I got a call from my house so I answered it. “Hello?” I asked curious who is calling from my house. It was my son Harold, “D-Daddy something’s inside the house… i-it got Chase. D-Daddy… I’m scared,” I hear him sobbing and I hear noises in the background from the phone. “O-ok I’ll get there quickly, stay on the phone wi-” before I could finish, the call ended. I immediately run to the car and drive to the gun store. I bought a shotgun and some shell packs to kill whatever barged into my home.

I go back into my car calling the police, hoping to get some help, they said they’ll be here in an hour. “S**t!” I thought to myself, “An hour!” I decide to drive up to 90 miles per hour, hopefully getting to my house quicker. Luckily there wasn’t that many cars, but as I was driving, something large jumped in front of the car, making me crash into it. I was knocked out for a bit, once I woke up I look to see what I crashed into. It… it was the thing from 5 years ago, except it can see it clearly now. The thing had big sharp teeth with blood all over it, there was blood on its body also. There was what looked like hair all over its body, it had huge arms and legs with a big body. It looked built and it didn’t help when the thing has spikes all over his back to the end of the tail. And the tail… jesus, the tail had spikes all over it, and it was long as a grown man.

I grab my shotgun and shot three times, the first shot hit the stomach, the second hit the shoulder, and the third hit the right side of the face. But it did nothing, in fact, it pissed the thing off. It jumped to the front part of the car, trying to get in the car. I got out and ran for my life, hoping to at least out run it like I did before. F**k the thing was fast, able to catch up with me, until a truck hit it. I took the opportunity and made a run for it all the way home. I got to my house to look around where my sons are at, but I couldn’t find any of them, then I see a carving of a sentence. It says, “You’re next”, then I turn around and my blood went cold, I see Chase’s body mutilated and blood was everywhere. I cry feeling so much guilt and shame into myself, then it turned into anger. Whatever that thing was… it’s going to pay.