Snuffland Ltd.

*Do you wish to enter this site?*
You click yes, and anxiously wait for the home screen to load. You begin fidgeting and looking over your shoulder to make sure nobody sees what you like to do in your spare time, should anyone find out my business would be ruined…

Meanwhile, me and #4305 are preparing for the show. I dress “Lily” up in her simple white dress and comb her thin, sickly locks. She can’t scream anymore, I’ve took a little time out of my schedule to remove her vocal chords. If there is anything that puts my customers off more than delaying a show, it is hearing a whiny little girl scream and beg to go home.

I peel back a small fold of skin as she winces in agony, and proceed to pry the chip out of her neck. What use is it to her? She’s destined to be thrown away anyway. It’ll come in handy to monitor one of our new arrivals. The blood coagulates as pus leaks down her back onto her dress.

I consider shocking her for being so careless but I mercifully rethink. The customers won’t see it.
Suddenly, she begins to choke and vomit blood. God I wish she didn’t do that… I press the button as she convulses and writhes in agony while she gets shocked.
That should make her think twice about not controlling her body.

I clip the chain onto her and proceed to drag her body into the film room as the camera begins broadcasting.
You eagerly click the “Begin” button as you await for the words you have been dying to hear.

“Hello! Welcome to SnuffLand. Your personal snuff film provider…Today we have Lily! Please submit your payment of bitcoin and enjoy the show.”
You enter the requested amount quickly, barely having to think. You have memorised the entire payment page from visiting so much.

I slowly bring out my steak knife – my favourite weapon of the week – and slowly slice into Lily’s throat…
She gurgles helplessly as I set to work carving at her skin.

“And as always folks, we could never have been able to keep this company going for so long without you supporting us. Remember! Lily’s meat will be on auction after the video!
Serve a special roast tonight courtesy of us…”

Your fingers start to twitch as your mouth begins to drool. Oh, how delicious young Catherine tasted last night; simply devine…

You think of the beaming faces of your wife and children as they tucked into what they presumed to be a tender, perfectly cooked piece of roast. Their mouths greedily chewing at her flesh as you calmly ate and plotted who you would serve tomorrow.

Your strict diet consisting only of the finest flesh you bought off of us meant that all you could see when looking at your loving family was pieces of meat…
You would roast your wife , boil your son and fry your daughter. How delicious!

I begin to extract Lily’s innards, whilst I carefully place them in small bags for our customers who have a taste for liver or brain.

Your mind stops wondering as your eyes swivel to the live slaughter displayed on your screen. You press your mouse and present me with a few tokens if I fulfil your request.

I look at the screen to my left and read your requirements with glee.
Without hesitation, I comply willingly and begin to hack away ruthlessly at the lifeless corpse tied to the chair.
Her muscles are completely visible, with her bone peeking through just enough to spot if you were paying close attention…which I’m positive you were.
I then swiftly and calmly slice off her head, as fragments of bone and flesh splatter over her shoulders.

You smirk and prepare for what you have been waiting for:
“Lily’s body is now available for purchase. She will be placed on auction now.”
The screen goes black as you rampage to the auction link, you have competitors. Hundreds. Possibly even thousands, all eager to s****h up the delicacy.

Your anxiety is quickly sedated, as the screen loads and you place your bid.
“Congratulations! We have a winner!”
Your mouth contorts and twists into a leering grin as you get your confirmation of purchase.

Your family won’t be the only thing on the menu tomorrow…

  • TheLazyGamer 87

    This is so disturbing…I LOVE IT!