It all started a few days ago, I lay in bed, in silence. Right before I close my eyes I hear it, the sound of breathing under my bed. I try to ignore it but it just kept getting louder, my family was downstairs enjoying the holiday and I chose to go to bed early. I was looking at the door planning my escape trying to remember if I had locked it or not. When I heard my family grow loud for a split second I dashed to door hoping that whatever was under my bed didn’t get me before I escaped. I had safely made it out quickly going to the crowd that was downstairs, little did I know it wouldn’t stop there.

The weekend after Thanksgiving I comfortable with sleeping in my room again. (I had made sure that my bed rested on the floor) It was about midnight when I heard the knock on the wall where my head was, I didn’t think of it. A few seconds later I heard it again, I was too tired to care so I went back to sleep but after the third time I was wide awake. The third knock was the loudest, as if something was trying to punch a whole through the wall. As I moved around my room the knocks followed me, I went downstairs to find my sibling sleeping on the couch. I figured that if I slept near someone else the knocks would leave me alone, sure enough they did.

I had my sibling sleep in my room the next weekend, that way I’d have a better chance of sleeping all through the night. Around midnight like the weekend before, I could hear someone saying my name close to ear. Although I didn’t respond until the fifth time they called me. I sat up and realized my sibling was sound asleep, I heard them call my name until 1 am and then it stopped. This for some happened every year before and after Thanksgiving. Every year I made sure to go to bed with headphones.

  • Ryan Cast