I am going to experiment the effects of sleep deprivation on the human body but first starting Monday April 4th 2016 I will examine my emotional feelings throughout the week with sleep then a Monday April 11th 2016 I will start the experiment and record my emotional state as well as physical until Sunday April 17th 2016 I will end it

So I may have skipped a few days today is Thursday but I’ve been distracted recently by something I don’t know what its hard to explain any how besides that my week has been fine and I’ve seem to have developed a pain in my thigh and I for no reason am mad at two of my closest friends. I will not make an entry until the no sleep part begins but the rest of the week should be fine

Today is Tuesday Monday I had homework and couldn’t write my entry I feel actually happier probably because I can’t think straight and I seem to be fine physically however I feel as if I am being watched.

I am in danger I know it. I see creatures out the corner of my eye. I can’t explain what they look like they are to disturbing and everyone seems to hate me I hurt all over but I must know what happens.

It’s almost over one more day. I see the creatures even more now they keep saying they want me and they have replaced my family and friends. I hope they will go away.

I’ve done something horrible I woke up today its Monday and it was 12:00 pm which us weird considering my parents wake me up at 6 but when I went to tell them I saw their bodies in the living with my sister I don’t know what happened I think I did this I think I killed what I thought were creatures I’m so scared I’m not insane I swear.

I’m writing this down on toilet paper in my prison cell. I found out I killed 8 other people including my two best friends. I can’t believe what I did but now I still see the creatures but I’ve done nothing but sleep. I think they are real my prison mate is one of them. He keeps saying he will have me. I don’t know what to do.

  • TheOneWhoRates

    Best r**e story. 10/10 urnfagitgn

  • Urang Leo

    Using commas and fullstops would ve very nice 🙂