Sleep Paralysis

It was a normal evening, I had watched vines on YouTube (yeah I know), eaten my normal dinner, and finally was ready for bed. I turned on some thunderstorm noises because that’s normally what gets me to sleep the fastest.

I fell asleep and began dreaming about being in a hotel that I had never been in before. It seemed as if I was partying or just drinking with some friends. I walked into the hallway and I felt tired, really, really tired.. my sight grew dim and I blacked out slamming into the wall of the hallway. The second I hit the wall I woke up, still in bed, I guess it was just a small nightmare.

But then, it felt as if I was really heavy, in my bed, still hearing the thunderstorm noises. The weight begins to lift, I’m looking around my room, I’m not dreaming anymore. I imagine that maybe I was dreaming really hard and I was pressing my face into the pillows. But no, the weight kept lifting, I feel myself being lifted from my bed. I have never had experience with sleep paralysis or anything like it whatsoever. I was afraid, what the hell is happening? There I am, levitating a foot above my bed. I can’t move, I can’t scream. Every muscle in my body is so tight it almost hurts. My eyes frantically searching for someone to help me. Everyone in my house sleeping peacefully, not knowing the agony I’m going though. I feel the tears run down my cheeks. Internally I’m screaming, “God help me! Help! Help!” Nothing’s happening, nothing I try to do works.

I feel so helpless and begin to whimper in fear. I then hit the bed, almost knocking the air out of me. I sit up and begin crying and wondering the heck just happened.

I tell my family, they don’t believe me. I tell my friends, they laugh and say I’m crazy. To this day I have no idea what it was. it only happened once and hopefully it will never happen again. Was it sleep paralysis? Could it be a spiritual force? I will never know.

  • CreepypastaJack

    Pretty good! ^-^

  • alexander

    I have tried og 7 times in half a year

  • Rose Morrison

    Interesting story!

  • Lydiaxx

    This is almost probably astral projection. It’s actually fairly common, and if done right you can move around and explore freely feeling weightless. Look it up! Nothing to be scared of. xx