Sweat pouring from my forehead. I was a bit overwhelmed dragging this big-sized sack in my hand. Quite heavy it was. When I reached that room, I took some time to regain my breath.

The key was in my pocket, so I took it and opened the door. First thing I noticed was the rotten smell from inside that room. Dark and so smelly, but there were a slight light that gave a glimpse about what were inside that room. Sacks — so many of them. Maggots were squirming around my feet. Disgusting.

I sighed heavily. “70 sacks already,” I said. “Am I that ugly?” I threw that new sack I was carrying on top of others. Satisfied, I closed the door and locked it again. “May you rest in peace, Darling.”

  • Death

    Had so much potential but then it just ended. Like getting on a bike and starting to go forward, but suddenly crashing into a wall made of bricks that unexpectedly appeared.

    • Creepypasta XYZ

      Actually it was supposed to be a short scary riddle. That’s why there is a hidden message in this story. Anyway thanks for the comment ????

      • Death

        Sorry! I realize that I sounded like such a d**k. Ugh its been a rough morning. But I usually read creepy pastas during my first block class and I’m a huge critic. It was awesome. I’m so sorry!!!

        • Creepypasta XYZ

          It’s okay btw. I’m also open for critics. Don’t worry.

  • Emily Cubbage

    This is how everyone should deal with relationships lmao *obviously joking* it was a ok story though~

  • Ivory Moon

    It is not kind to be writing about my love life sir.

  • Netor Ananab

    Thank you for not having grammar errors. That really gets to me. This story was pretty short, but that’s okay. It wasn’t too bad. I think it was actually pretty good, cool hidden message.