Silent Scream – Part 2

We meet again reader (if you don’t remember my name, it’s Rose). So, how have you been? Me? Oh, I’ve just been killing people with D.S. (short for Dark Star), drinking some of their blood, downloading a bunch of new ’emo’ music, the usual. Anyway, let’s continue our story, shall we? Let’s go to eighth grade when I’m fourteen.

*six months later*

“D.S.!” I call out to her. She appears in front of me, tail wagging happily. It’s been six months since I killed those men. D.S. has grown some and is now my new best friend. I’ve hidden the daggers in a box in the deepest corner of my closet, I didn’t even bother to take a second glance at them. My vision still blurs from time to time, though I haven’t heard anything from the voice I heard that night.

“Rose! Mom said you have to go get the rifle Ricky let in the woods!” My younger brother, Max, yells from downstairs. I get up from my spot on the floor, heading towards the living room with D.S. following me. Speaking of D.S., I still haven’t found out what she is exactly. I’ve down multiple researches for anything on wolf creatures, glowing white eyes, shadow travel (as I like to call it), but nothing helpful ever appears. What I did find though, was that those two men I killed had killed a teenage boy, and the three girls I saw where murder by a mysterious man with a knife while walking home together from school. “Did she tell me or you to do it?” I ask Max. “Just do it! I’m playing my game!” I roll my eyes. “That’s not a-,” I start, but he cuts me off. “Don’t care, just go already b****!” I sigh and head outside. I’m glad D.S. is tagging along, the sun is almost down and I’ve never trusted the woods at night.

We keep walking, deeper and deeper into the woods, until I realize, we’re lost. “Dang it,” I mumble, picking up D.S. to have her teleport us away. “Grrrr!” She growls frustrated after a couple of minutes. “Can you not teleport?” I ask. “Arf!” She confirms. I pet her as I walk, searching for anything that looks familiar. I hear movement coming from the bushes near us. Suddenly, a white rabbit jumps out, running deeper into the forest. “ARF! ARF!” D.S. barks, escaping my grasp to follow the rabbit. “D.S.!” I yell, following her as best I can. As I’m running I trip over a large root, slamming face first into the ground. “Ugggh,” I groan, getting up.

My vision blurs, showing me an old, happy couple, sitting in rocking chairs on their porch outside their cottage. They look directly at me and smile. The woman holds a sleeping D.S. in her lap, gently petting her. D.S. opens her eyes, and instead of pure white, her eyes are amber with black pupils, normal. She looks happy with the couple. Then, a fire starts in the background and D.S. looks frightened. She tries to leave, but the woman holds her tighter, as dark flames appear around her and her husband, their eyes glowing crimson red. The fire engulfs them before dying out, leaving behind only ashes and burnt bones. A glowing white ball apears and transforms into D.S. with her pure white eyes.

My vision goes back to normal, and my ears start ringing. I open my eyes and find a very tall, white man without any facial features dress in a suit standing in front of me. The ringing continues to grow, the pain I felt from it growing as well. I scream (whether out of fear or pain is unknown), but like always, nothing comes out. It’s still effective though, seeing as he moved his hands to cover where his ears should be. Another large black creature with crimson red eyes bursts out from the dark, attacking the first with its sharp, yellow fangs. Tenticle looking things appear from the first creature’s back and grab at the second one, tossing it aside like a rag doll. The second creature slams into the tree with a loud CRACK! The first creature uses one of its tenticles to lift me upside down into the air. I wiggle around in its grasp, trying to get free, but it tightens its grip on and the ringing grows louder once again, me making me scream nothing again. The creature flinches and drops me, and the other creature attacks it, unfazed by my scream. The tenticle creature disappears before the attack could land, leaving me and the second creature alone.

“GGGGRRRRRRRR!” The creature growls, getting closer to me. As it does, it gets smaller and small, until it was the size of a wolf pup, like D.S.. That’s when I realize it WAS her. “D.S.?” I say, reaching out to pet her. The creatures eyes turn pure white and it wags its tail. “Arf!” She said, crawling into my lap. “Thank you, thank you! You saved me! I love you.” I say, hugging her. She starts to lick all over my face. “Heh, heh, okay let’s go we need to find our way home.” We walk until we came across a stump with a familiar gun on top of it. I grab my brother’s rifle and continue walking. Finally, we arrive back home and everything seems fine, until I get another vision. This time, I see a middle-aged woman holding a rope. She was crying and saying ‘I’m sorry, goodbye’ over and over again. Then she was still and started floating in midair. The rope in her hands moved to her neck, loose at first then air stopping tight, leaving her skin bruised.

My vision clears and I find myself sitting in the grass in front of my house, D.S. shuffling around nervously. “Something wrong?” I ask. She disappears then reappears, holding a black steampunk lower half face mask with gold spikes in her mouth. She gives it to me and I stuff it in my hoodie pocket. We go inside the house. “I’m back,” I call out to no one imparticuler. I head towards my older brother’s room to return his rifle, when I notice something hanging in the dark of my parents’ room. I turn on the light and fing my mom hanging from the ceiling. Her tongue was white and sticking out, her neck was red and bruised a bit from the rope strangling her, and one of her hands was chopped off, lying on the bed in a puddle of dried blood. There was a lying next to it. On it, written in blood, was ‘I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore. Goodbye.

I picked up D.S., running to my room. I hold her on my bed, crying. Suddenly, my door is kicked open and my Dad enters. “You made her f****ing do it, didn’t you, you b****!” He screams at me. He pulls me by my hair to our basement, locking D.S. in a crate on the way. He throwns me down, my face harshly hitting the cold, hard floor. “I should’ve killed you when you were little, you piece of s***!” He screams, kicking my stomach. He keeps going until I start coughing up blood. Then he takes a knife and starts slicing cuts into my arms, cutting holes in my hoodie sleeves in the process. I scream in pain, but he must know about my ‘power’, because he immediately covers my mouth with one hand and uses the other to grab a roll of duck tape lying nearby. He tapes my mouth shut, and grabs a rope, tying it tightly around my neck. “It should’ve been you, you worthless excuse for a f***ing daughter.” He ties the other end to my ankles so I can’t move without choking myself. He harshly rips the tape off my mouth, causing me to yelp in pain, and leaves me there, lying on the floor in a puddle of blood.

My vision blurs again. There are people standing around me, all wearing worried expression. One of them, with oddly familiar blue hair, walks towards me and carasses my face. “You have to use them, Rose,” Dallon says. “What…?” I question. “The daggers, you need to use them. Kill your b*****d of a father, and leave this f***ing place. Head back to the forest and he’ll take you from there,” He says, his eyes glaring and starting to turn pitch black. “Do it… Do it. Do it!” All of the people chant, their eyes turning black too and wicked grins on their faces. “Who’s… who’s he?” I question. Dallon shakes his head. “Times up for now, bye Rose. And, please, be careful, it knows about you and will come for you soon. Before you ask, he and it are two different… people.”

I come back to reality and sit up, the rope around my neck now gone. I check my cuts and find that they’re already healed, leaving only faint scar lines and dried blood on my hoodie. I get up and head towards my room, getting D.S. out of her crate on the way. I put on the mask D.S. brought me earlier and my gloves. I grab a pair of scissors and cut my hair to shoulder length. Then I search through my closet and find the box with the daggers. I open it and take a moment to admire the daggers, and I notice something I didn’t earlier. At the hilt of both daggers was a white gem with a ‘o’ on it crossed with an ‘x’. Getting an idea, I search for my black headphones and glow in the dark paint. I use the paint to paint the same marking on the daggers onto both sides of my headphones. I put the headphones on and turn on my music, turning it up loud enough to block out noise.

I sneak into my Dad’s room, D.S. getting the idea and following. He’s sleeping on the bed, unaware of me looming over him. I take one dagger and slice across his neck, deeply and slowly. His eyes snap open and I cover his mouth quickly to muffle his screams. I watch as the light from his eyes slowly disappears. I bring the dagger to my face and lick the blood off. ‘That was easy.’ “R-r-rose?” Max asks from the doorway. I glare at him. He sprints out the door towards the phone, but he gets stopped by an invisible force. My vision flickers and I catch a glimpse of people holding him back. I grin and wave my hand, signaling for the people to do as they please. Half of them start to eat him alive, tearing bloody chunks of skin off him, while the other half start to drag him down, chanting “One of us, One of us.” “ROSE WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING!!!” My older brother, Ricky screams/asks. I scowl and point my finger at him. D.S. understands what this meant. She grew bigger and starts attacking him. “AAAAGGHHH!” Ricky screams as D.S. tears him limb from limb, eating some of him in the process. I snap my fingers and she stops. Ricky is barely alive, one arm missing and his clothes destroyed and decorated with his delicious blood. I crouch down beside him, “Don’t scream.” I take both of my daggers and stab him, one in the heart and the other in his neck. I take out the daggers and lick the blood off both off them, careful to not accidentally cut myself.

I hear sirens go off in distance (how do I hear through my headphones? I’ve had some practice, but that’s another story). I look at the ground and find Ricky’s phone, the call to 911 still going. I look over at D.S., who’s now back to normal and quickly grab her. I run out the house back into the woods. I keep running until I run into a tree, a least I thought it was. I feel a hand touch my shoulder. I look up and see the creature from earlier. I back up, afraid that it might try to take revenge. I hear the sirens getting closer and I start to panic, I was trapped between a rock and a hard place.

My vision blurs, revealing several children standing around the creature. “Don’t worry, he and the others are just like you,” a girl in a black dress says. Then more people appear: a guy in a white hoody with a permanent smile, a glitchy version of Link from the Legend of Zelda with black eyes with red pupils, a young girl in a pink dress clutching a teddy bear, and a bloody version of Pikachu with eyes like the glitch’s. “Take his hand and everthing will be fine,” the girl speaks again.

My sight returns to normal, and I sense the police aren’t far. The creature offers its hand to me. I look at D.S. to see what she thought. “Arf!” She said, tail wagging adorably. Taking that as a yes, I hesitantly reach out and give the creature my hand, and just like that, we’re gone.

That’s leads us to where I am now, but I don’t have time to tell you what’s going on reader. Although I will tell you this, I must leave before it finds me again, he has already warned me to be more careful or else it will catch me. I barely survived last time…. Before I go, remember two things. One, my name’s Silent Scream, not Rose. Two, You’re screams won’t be heard.

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    She has to be alive i need to ask what blood taste like