Silent Helena

Helena Spencer was born on July 15, 2001. She was born with a rare birth defect that only 1 in 10,000 people will ever have, she was born with no mouth. She communicates through sign language and eats and drinks through tubes in her stomach.

Throughout elementary and middle school, Helena was taunted and bullied about her unusual birth defect. But she still tried to live her life like any normal girl. She loved to dance and was very gifted at it. She was very smart and maintained an A+ average in school. Throughout her childhood her only friend was her older brother Daniel, who was only 2 years older than her.

When helena was 13 her parents told her the truth about why Helena was born the way she was. Her mother smoked, drank, and did drugs throughout her pregnancy with her. Helena was furious but she hid her anger.

A few nights later Helena couldn’t take holding in her anger anymore. She had to let it out. And that’s what she did. Helena came into her parents bedroom with a large kitchen knife. Her original plan was to kill her mother. But as she raised the knife above her moms head, she woke up and screamed. She quickly stabbed her in the head, but her father woke up and ran to the kitchen to the house phone. He was going to call the police. She couldn’t let him. She chased him. He called the police and started telling them what was happening with Helena. She killed him and hung up the phone. Daniel woke up and walked to the kitchen to see what all the noise was. He was shocked. He saw Helena on the ground repeatedly stabbing her father’s dead corpse. He started to run to the front door but as he reached at the handle, helena stabbed him 3 times.

Helena knew she had to leave, the police would be there soon. She ran into the woods by her house. She found a giant mansion, slenderman’s mansion. She now lives there with the rest of the creepypastas who had no where else to go, continuing her killing sprees.

If you ever wake up and see a mouthless girl in your room, there’s no use screaming or running. It just makes it more fun for her. She will only kill you and everyone else in the house.

(authors note)~ this is my first creepypasta so I’m sorry if its not very good. But I hope you guys enjoy it anyways~ (please no copying) 🙂

  • Jaylyn Harris

    That was good amazing job for your first try 😊😊