SHADOW’s Origin

Skylar sat on the green three year old couch, as she watched her mother and father argue, she could see the fury in her father’s silver orbs as he yelled at his wife for no apparent reason. This was how it is, yelling, abuse, bullying and so on. Skylar never recalled of having the best life… She was bullied at school, then had to let the abuse from her father sink in her skin as cuts and bruises still left there, untouched, new ones everyday. Skylar’s mother was never allowed to help her, she couldn’t do anything about it, she was forced not to, since she is a ‘unworthy b***h’ or just a ‘shadow’ or even just a ‘curse’ to everyone.

Sometimes Skylar’s father will care, but he’ll change like a blink of an eye. She had no one but one who cared about her, she had lost her twin brother at a fire last week and no one cared, she’s alone. Her friend, Arron, tries to help her, but she can handle it, she’s brave, so she hoped that everything will change, everything will become different than now.

This had been going on for three years, ever since Skylar, the seventeen year old, had become blind in her left eye, people made fun of her, people laughed at her, called her names, she tried to ignore the insults people threw at her, she just became used to it, all her life she had been bullied.

“Skylar, are you listening?” Skylar’s father growled, lifting up his peach pale hand to slap the poor blonde. Skylar held tears in her eyes as she lifted her hand to her right cheek feeling the burning pain, a red mark of a hand shape bruised her face. Her father was constantly drunk, he didn’t even care if Skylar’s older twin perished away in the blazing flames of their small house.

“Go to your bedroom! Now!” Skylar’s father slurred his words, Skylar didn’t hesitate to dash up the stairs, tears finally running down her face like a waterfall. She was never good enough, nobody liked her, she was useless.

Skylar crashed down on her bed and held her eyes close shut, soon welcoming the sleepiness that she didn’t know she felt drown her in slumber.

The next day, Skylar was in class of her school, sitting quietly in the very back corner of the class, minding her own business, her only friend wasn’t in today, which left her a fee target to pick on she could hear whispers about her.

“She’s such a weirdo, she needs to get friends,” someone whispered.

“She doesn’t deserve them, look at her, she’s blind in her eye,” another replied.

The whispers were cut short when the teacher walked in, “Alright class, did you get your essays done? It’s supposed to be in today,” the teacher looked around, she had makeup on, making her look older than she is. “If you don’t have them you’ll have no recess today.”

The teacher then walked up and down the classroom, receiving the essays, but skipping Skylar and went to her desk.

“Skylar Howitt, you’ll be staying in at recess,” Skylar’s teacher said, not even looking up from the students’ work. Skylar could hear the snickers and feel the smirks coming from her classmates around her. There is no point of staying here if people are going to treat her like crap.

Skylar sighs, daring not to question and looks out the window, bored.

The day went on, people had bullied poor little Skylar, no one has shown her any mercy as she walked down the hallway. They just want to pick fights with her for no reason. During lunches she would sit outside under a tree and read or draw, and she would listen to music if she was in a good mood. Yet, when is she ever? Like I said before, she was bullied. No one cared. That is what pissed her off the most.

After a long day of school, Skylar practically had to drag herself home, due to the lack of energy left inside of her from running away from bullied or trying to fend for herself from getting to injured.

Skylar opened the door to her home, she was lucky, her father wasn’t home. That means her mother can actually love her.

“Welcome home, Skylar. Your father isn’t here, so you’re lucky,” her mother smiled weakly at the platinum blonde female in front of her. She hated seeing her daughter like this, she had no confidence to stand up to her husband and help Skylar. She was always dominated by him. This was a mistake of marrying him. But if she didn’t, Skylar nor Ezra would have been born.

“Good,” Skylar mumbled, rubbing a bruise she had on her left shoulder. Her clothes were tattered, her white t-shirt was almost not white, her light blue jeans have now turned into ripped ones with blood on them. Her cyan zippy hoodie falling off her shoulders, with dirt on them.

Almost every week she’d come home like this. If her father was here, she would get the belt to her back or the slipper, and her father would be yelling how ungrateful for not looking after her clothes properly.

“C’mon, let’s get you cleaned up before your father comes,” her mother placed a hand on Skylar’s left shoulder but earning a wince from the half blind female. “Sorry, hun.”

After Skylar was cleaned, she went upstairs to get changed into her P.Js and laid down on her bed. All she thought about was her brother, Ezra. “It’s not the same anymore,” Skylar muttered, turning on her side so that she’d be facing the wall.

After what it seemed to be hours the clock stuck midnight, Skylar’s father had returned home a couple of hours ago and luckily didn’t bother Skylar. But, unfortunately for Skylar, she couldn’t get to sleep. She was tossing and turning – trying to get to sleep but no avail. That’s when she gave up and sat upright on her bed, rubbing her eyes. Skylar went to get up and went downstairs with a quiet sigh.

She made sure her father didn’t hear her while she was walking downstairs to get a drink of water. Skylar got a glass down from the kitchen’s glass shelf and walked over to the tap and filled the glass up. As she was drinking the cold water, she looked outside through the window in front of her. That’s what made her drop her glass in the sink, earning a loud clank sound.

With wide eyes, Skylar saw in the back of her backyard was a very tall man. It seemed to be wearing a suit, he had no face, but pale white. He had long slender arms and legs; He was staring straight at Skylar herself.

She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak or take her eyes off the thing in front of her. While it just stares down at her from the back of the backyard. This is what made the blue-eyed female shiver; A loud screeching sound, and a mix of what is sounded like a T.V static, it was loud. How are the neighbors not woken up from this? How are her parents not woken up from this?

Just before she knew it, she felt herself getting dizzy, dizzy and dizzy.  She felt like she wanted to throw up and follow this thing, but-

“Skylar?” Skylar’s mother called from behind the dazed female. She only got a hum in reply. “Look at me.” Skylar turned around with a tired look. “Are you okay?  C’mon, lets take you to bed.”

Skylar nodded and followed but stopped at the door to the living room to check if that thing was still there. He was gone.

The next day was a weekend. Skylar wasn’t feeling herself today, after last night’s occurrence, she was too weak to actually sleep after seeing that thing. Who could sleep after seeing what is appeared to be a monster?

Often that day, Skylar found herself talking nonsense while talking to one of her parents, she would start talking about stuff completely off topic to conversations. Her mother was concerned, Skylar was still dazed and out-of-it and would pace around the house like a lost chicken. Sometimes, she would stare in her mirror, sitting in the corner of her room and daydream.

Later that night, Skylar had thought about her brother, after seeing a picture of him and her. She stared at the blank wall in front of her, feeling tears starting to fall down her face. She wanted to scream out loud, but instead, grabbing a pillow, shoving it over her face and screamed and cried.

That was two weeks ago. Skylar had to stay home since she was tired all of the time and wasn’t feeling herself. Her mother kept trying to get Skylar to go to the hospital, but she had refused.

It was a dark and cloudy evening, Skylar’s father was at work or getting drunk as perusal. Her mother was downstairs in the living room, concerned, thinking whether or not to go and see if her daughter is alright.


In her bedroom, Skylar was scratching at her left eye or under it. This is her way of calming anxiety. The only thing that kept her entertained. By now her whole eye and under eye is red or ripped, little bits of flesh missing and scratch marks everywhere. There was blood on the bed, down her left hand and around her eye where she at clawed at it.

Skylar’s mother had decided to check up on Skylar to see if she was alright, to what she didn’t expect if a short scream come from her mouth at the sight of her daughter. Skylar was crying, her own blood on her as she shook.

“S-Skylar?!” Her mother screeched in horror, running up to her daughter, grabbing her wrist. Skylar’s mother looked at the wound and dragged Skylar downstairs. She grabbed the first AID’s kit and snatched the bandages and eyepatch she had gotten, wrapping it around Skylar’s eye, making it look like she was an injured pirate.

“W-Why’d you do this?” Skylar’s mother questioned the female in front of her, sitting at the kitchen table. She wiped the blood off Skylar’s face with a wet towel and cleaned off her hand.

Skylar didn’t answer but just stare at her lap. Why was she doing this? She hadn’t the slightest idea, she just did what the voices told her to do.

“Skylar, answer me. Why. Did. You. Do this?” Her mother demanded, looking at Skylar directly.

It took awhile for the pale-faced blonde to reply, but in a dazed, lost voice. “The voices…” she murmured in a hushed tone.

“The-The voices? Skylar, are you out of your mind?” Skylar’s mother replied in disbelief. But then it stuck her. Could her daughter be going insane?

Skylar then got up and headed for her room. “If you don’t like me to, I won’t claw at my eyes…” Skylar said in her low dazed tone to her mother before walking through the living room to the stairs and left in her room.

For the past couple of days, Skylar had stopped clawing her eye, or her both for that matter. But the strangest thought she felt like she was being watched, under same gaze she felt that night when that slender monster stared at her. That was driving her crazy. She couldn’t take it.  Not only that was on her shoulders, but her father had been. He would beat up Skylar for acting strange and telling her to get a grip and do something for once. But Skylar just ignored. She ignored the pain with each hit, she ignored the yells of her father and the constant abuse.

With each passing second, Skylar felt more like a shadow then the light. She felt the shadows are the most comfortable thing. She’d even stopped using the lights in her room, and closing the curtains to block out the day light. She had became pale because of the lack of sun light.

Skylar could hear the voices wanting her to do something about her father. She wouldn’t do it. She couldn’t.

Skylar’s mother had entered Skylar’s room and sat on the foot of her bed, looking at her daughter. “C’mon, honey, we’re going out,” she smiled softly at the half blonde girl, who stared down at her hands as she sits on her bed. Back against the back board of the head of the bed.

Skylar just sighed and nodded, getting up. Skylar’s mother helped her to the car. Today was just her and her mother, her father was once again out doing whatever. Skylar had no idea where they were going, nor did she care. She never really cared anymore, no one cared about her, so why should she care about them?

Skylar soon found herself in a dark white room. She didn’t remember walking here, she was completely lost, she couldn’t remember half the things she did.

The door opened in front of her to see a woman with cherry blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, she had red lipstick on and eyeliner.

“Miss. Skylar Howitt?” she asked, getting a nod from Skylar. “I’m Dr. Windsome. Are you feeling alright today?”  Dr. Windsome sat in the chair in front of her and looked at Skylar. Skylar just shrugged and sighed. “I presume you know why you are here, correct?”

Skylar thought for a moment before she realized. She was in therapist. She heard her mother talking about the therapist, thinking Skylar was insane… but who wouldn’t think by now Skylar has gone insane. She was truly out-of-it.

“Yes,” Skylar finally replied, all she had to do is try to make sure she doesn’t suspect of her being insane.

A couple of hours later and it was late. Skylar’s mother was out at her brother’s house, her father was in the kitchen and Skylar herself was surprisingly downstairs in the living room. She got this feeling that she was being watched once again, the same gaze as last time and the time before that.

Before Skylar could do anything, her father’s voice rung out, commanding her to get to the kitchen. Probably to get hit again, her father just has to hit someone or yell someone for no reason.

Skylar walked to the kitchen, her father – as guessed – slapped her on her left cheek, making her lay her upper torso on the kitchen counter from the force she had been hit. “You weak, pathetic, shadow. You don’t know how to do anything right, can you? You little b***h,” her father growled, lifting Skylar’s head up by her hair and slamming it down on the counter, making her go dazed for a bit.

Skylar’s father had turned around to face the other counter, leaning on it with his hands, his back faced to the dazed girl.

“Do it,” an echoey voice said in Skylar’s mind. It sounded like herself but more demonic.

“C’mon, you’re not a coward!” The voice giggled. “You can do it!” Do what? What does it want her to do? “Stab him in the back!” The voice once again giggled.

Skylar looked to the side of her seeing a knife holder, only one knife is in. A kitchen knife. Maybe she should? He did make her life a living hell… He did make her feel like a shadow. A curse.

“We can become a demon together!” the same echoey voice laughed insanely.

Skylar reached out and grabbed the knife and held it firmly in her right hand, her dominant hand. She slowly got up and turned to her father, who just was turning around to face the girl. His face changed to anger to shock.

“Put that thing down, young lady,” he growled.

Skylar’s father flinched at the look Skylar was making. She had a twisted, psychotic grin plastered on her face and she looks at him, dead in the eye.

“Put it down? Why?” she giggled, her voice sounded much like the one in her head, a psychotic, dazed, insane tone.

“Do what I say before-” he started but got cut off by Skylar swinging him to the ground and sitting on his chest. He had smacked his head on the hard tiled floor.

“Do what? I can kill you here and now…” Skylar grinned, licking her lips. “You wouldn’t care! I’m just a shadow to you!” Skylar grin went as a scowl was on her face as she raised the knife to stab him. But… It only hit his shoulder.

Skylar’s father screamed in pain as she stabbed him in his shoulder, grinning like a maniac. Her father pushed off Skylar and now he was on top of her, pulling the knife out of his shoulder, throwing it aside. He punched her face and–

Skylar had kicked him off with force. She now stood over him, with her right foot on his chest, she could feel herself slipping. She ripped the bandage off her eye and pulled the eyepatch off along with. Skylar’s eyes turned pitch black, not one part of her eyeballs are white or blue. Just pitch black, making it look like she has no eyes.

Suddenly, Skylar’s father started to wheeze in pain, he could feel this insides being squished… Who was… It was Skylar, she no longer looked like the Skylar he once knew. She had white hair, pale white skin. Her eyes are pitch black, black blood oozing out of them.

“Father,” she spat his name, “why don’t you…” She thought for a moment. “Let the shadows consume you…”

And with that, Skylar’s father started to cough out black blood, his ears, eyes, nose and mouth oozing with this black blood. His eyes turned pitch black and empty as he feels his life literally being squashed out of him.

He’s gone. Skylar had taken his soul and used it as a shadow, to give her more power. She grinned, she was no longer Skylar… but just a mere shadow.


A couple of weeks later, Skylar’s mother sat in her brother’s living room, watching the news.

“It has said that Skylar Howitt was the murder of Devon Howitt, her own father. On the walls there was black blood with written words, picture is shown on the screen:” a woman new reporter said, showing a picture of what the writing said in black blood.

‘Let the shadows consume you…’

“We have now renamed her as SHADOW. There have also been more murders from SHADOW, it seemed to be high school kids from the local high school, SHADOW had recently gone to. The police is trying to find out how she was able to do this. If there are any disturbances in you neighborhood, please call the police,” the female news reporter said and dismissed.

Skylar’s mother just watched in sorrow. Her own daughter had killed her husband, Skylar’s father. Not only that, killed children in her school.

“Shima, I think it’s time for you to go to bed,” Shima’s brother said. Shima nodded and walked up stairs and went to bed.

  • Rose Morrison

    Interesting story, developed well, but very poorly written. So many spelling mistakes, sentences that didn’t make sense, changes in tense, mis-use of words, and generally poor grammar. Needs a good edit. Then, it would be a good, easy read.

  • Brandon Barrett

    Ngl had potential but was poorly written and y’all people need to stop the abuse stories they are too much of a cliche now a days

  • Aly Greg

    insanity topics are creepy enough..yeah there were some grammatical errors but still it got me..