Shadow Woods Book One: Explanation

Ok… So well my friend watched me make my account. She saw me put my usual username “Shadow Woods”. She decided to ask me about it. She asked “Why do you always use Shadow Woods as your username?” I had sighed and told her that I would write the story on here… So here we go.

I would usually get visited in my dreams by a girl called Silent Moon. She had full black hair, red eyes, very pale skin even almost pure white, a black hoodie, blue jeans, some sneakers, and a moon like mask. At first she wouldn’t talk back, but I would talk to her. One night I decided to ask her about her past. She sighed and started to tell me her story.

“I was about the same age as my brother when IT happened… I was kind of a normal kid. I had two brothers. All three of us were bullied. One day my brother, Jeffery, took it to far… He attacked one of the bullies, I think his name was Randy, with a knife… When we got home the cops came, my younger brother, Liu, took the blame for Jeff. After that Jeff was quiet.

One night while he was at a party the bullies attacked him and set him on fire. He was sent to the hospital. When he got out was the same day Liu got out. Jeff was pure white and his hair was charred black. I went to bed early. I barely ever ate. My parents always thought I did, but I woke up to Jeff hold a knife to my neck. He had carved a smile into his face. I hated what I had to do but I kicked him.

I soon ran to Liu’s room. I saw that he had been stabbed multiple times. I thought he was dead so I ran out of the house. I kept running until I passed out from exhaustion and loss of breath. When I came to I was on a bed, at first I thought that everything that happened was a dream, but then I realized it wasn’t my bed.

I will go ahead and skip ahead two years because what happened in those years isn’t important to the story. But anyways, two years later my adoptive mom died and we moved. My adoptive dad started to abuse me and harass me when my “mom” died. But the good thing about the move was I made a new friend. His name was Toby. But one day Toby’s parents died and he disappeared. I got tired of the abuse and murder my father. I ran away after that. I ended up in the woods. I was tackled and when I looked at the person I was shocked because it was Jeff. He brought me back to a place called slender mansion. While I was there I became a murderer…”

I oddly wasn’t scared. “How do you kill people?” I ask out of no where. She looked surprised but told me anyway.

“Well. I go into their dreams and then I haunt them. When I haunt them enough they start to become depressed and start to sleep more. Once they start to sleep more on a full moon I use these little moon balls. They are kinda like Pokemon balls. I capture the human. If I like them and they like me even after I have tortured them I keep them as a puppet. If not on the next full moon after I captured them I go outside and throw the moon balls in the air. They burst into red and a small red star appeared in the sky. It stays there for a minute before it disappears… I was supposed to kill you but you kept talking to me and seemed to like me so instead I became your friend…”

“How did you use magic?” I ask.

“Well technically I am a demon….”

“Wow… Hey what did you look like before you were a murderer?” I ask.

“I have a picture my friend drew of me… That’s all…” She says and shows me. In the picture she had a blue shirt, black pants, red shoes, red eyes, black hair with red streaks, and she still had very pale skin. “Wow…” I say. Then everything went black.