Shadow People Entry #2

Since the last time I’ve talked to you guys about the shadow people things have gotten worse, and I fear they will keep getting worse unless I do something about it.

Unlike before they’ve become violent, and started to over run my thoughts with their own voices, and screams.

I can’t sleep anymore because if I do I feel they’ll hurt me again maybe even worse this time. Last time it was just a few scratches on my back, and small things like that.

Their ruining my life, I lost my job because of lack of sleep and motivation, and not being able to perform mundane tasks around the work place.

The voices got louder, and are now screams and screeches of these god forsaken creatures. They watch me sleep and touch me sometimes when they think I don’t notice.

But up until now that’s been it. Yesterday I was simply walking down my hall when I was all of a sudden dragged, and flung down the stairs not just that, but I’ve been getting massive scratch marks all over my body almost every day and night.

I’m scared and it doesn’t matter where I go they’re still there haunting me and chasing me.

For god sake please make it end. If you know anything on how to help me, please… please I’m begging you tell me.

Author’s Note: Wow thanks so much for everything guys I really appreciate it so much. Hope you enjoy.