Seven Sins of Men Fallen Angels

“My name is Gabriel Curt. I’m an angelic, soldier in heavens army, slayer of demons and your worst nightmare”. Greed raised an eyebrow. “And people say I’m crazy”. “No I’m not crazy what I have said is all true” Gabriel insisted. “Right sure it is buddy oh and I’m a purple leprachaun just so you know”.

Gabriel frowned “you’re not taking this seriously are you?”. Greed shook his head. Gabriel sagged “why not I mean I kidnapped you, chained you in that chair and brought this really cool knife”. Gabriel held up and short brighter than silver knife that stun Greed’s eyes.

“Eh” Greed shrugged nonchalantly. Gabriel pinched the brim of his nose. “You’ve been kidnapped and are about to be tortured but all you can say is eh!?” Gabriel shouted losing his temper. “Yeah but I’ve been tortured loads of times before. Now if I was being tortured by an angel I might be a bit more nervous”.

Gabriel glared daggers at Greed “FOR THE LAST TIME I AM AN ANGEL!”. Greed looked him up and down with a puzzled expression. “If so where are your wings?”. “I’m not a pigeon” Gabriel snarled. “Don’t all Angels have big feathery dove wings” Greed pointed out trying to do a flapping motion to emphasize his point before remembering he was bound by chains.

Gabriel groaned “why do they always… look that’s a myth. I don’t know where it came from but it’s not true”. “Oh like God then”. “What! No God is real”. “Oh yeah have you seen him?”. Gabriel shifted on his feet “well no but_”. “Oh so you’ve heard him before like a sort of prophet thing”.

“Not_”. “So how can you know for certain he exists?”. “Well hell exists so heaven has to right?”. “Hell is a conspiracy made up by the coca cola company to distract people while they stole the formula for fanta”. Gabriel stared blankly at Greed. “But coca cola own fanta right? They’re the same company or something”.

“That’s what they want you to think”. Gabriel massaged his forehead trying to fight off a headache “my head hurts”. Greed tried to look at his watch but it was hidden among the chains wrapped around him. “Look I’ve got somewhere to be so can we wrap this up and get to the torture. Gabriel blinked away his daze “yeah sure”.

He looked around the empty warehouse and frowned. “You haven’t seen a duffel bag filled with weapons anywhere have you?”. Greed sighed “how do you lose a bag of weapons”. “Hey I didn’t lose it, I just don’t know where it is” Gabriel said slowly. “Uh huh”. “I think I left it on the bus”.

Greed eyed Gabriel “you took a bus here”. “I can’t afford a car and it’s too far for my bike” Gabriel explained in an embarrassed tone. Greed wanted more than anything to slap Gabriel on the back of his head. “Well you still have the knife”. “It’s made of angelic metal it probably would kill you if I used it”.

“Well aren’t you a f#$* up”. Gabriel looked down at his shoes his face a scarlet red. “Ok that was harsh look I have a knife hidden at my leg if you want it”. Gabriel nodded to the chains which covered his leg. “Ah yes we’ll how about we call a temporary truce. You can unchain me and I promise not to rip your head apart”.

“I’m pretty sure you’ll kill me”. “Sir how dare you my word is my bond”. Gabriel bit his lip. “No, no I can’t trust you”. “Fair enough”. A knock sounded on the warehouse door. Gabriel froze and turned pale. Greed stood up the chains breaking as he rose “don’t worry I’ll get it”. Gabriel stared transfixed as Greed left the warehouse. After a minute he returned carrying something underneath his arm.

As he walked past he tossed it to Gabriel and returned to his seat. Gabriel caught it and his sister’s severed head looked lifelessly at him with a mixture of surprise and fear. Greed hummed ‘heads will roll’. Gabriel dropped the severed head and whimpered. Greed took out a concealed knife hidden at his ankle and held the hilt out to Gabriel.

Gabriel charged at Greed with his knife. Greed smirked he flipped the knife around so that he held the hilt in his hand and charged as well. Gabriel blinked and stopped mid charge. He felt blood rise up his throat filling his mouth. He looked down. Deep slashes covered his entire body. Gabriel collapsed to the floor. Greed tutted at him as he walked over.

“I have to say I’m unimpressed. I really thought you angelics would be a challenge but I guess I was wrong___” Greed nudged Gabriel’s lifeless corpse with his foot “and your dead and didn’t hear a word I said”. “You could at least have the common decency to listen to me mocking you when I played along with this whole charade”.

Gabriel didn’t respond. “Fine be that way” Greed huffed.

Author’s Note

So yeah I’m taking a long break.This means no more stories for at least 2/3 months. The book I’ve been writing for about a year now is almost nearing being finished. So I want to focus on finishing and polishing it which will take a few months. If you guys want to stay connected with the writing process you can check out my channel or if you guys can mention any other I can stay connected I’d be more than happy to try it out. (I’ll also try to answer any questions I can in the comments)



“Wait does this mean I can take that vacation then?”



“Sure why not”


“Oh hell yeah. I’ll send you a postcard from Disney”


“Wait whah?”


  • Zabrautanu Vlad Stefan

    Funny and creepy ! I didnt know you are writing a book but I’m looking forward to it ( again I am angel from yt)

    • Sinful

      Yeah ill be explaining on wensday what’s happening. (In Florida now returning today/tommorow [8 hour flight])

  • teresa robinson

    I always enjoy your stories! I’m gonna miss your writing these next few months but I wish you the best of luck with your book! I’m sure it’s gonna be fantastic!

    • Sinful

      First off. Thank you! Also if you want you can check out my channel if you like (don’t feel like you have to) I might be posting some teaser chapters and updates so on so forth…
      (Sorry I took so long to reply didn’t get the notification and have been working hard on the book)