Sara Sarita

This is a game consisting of two players please do not try this at home.

Last Saturday me and my friends were having fun. I was watching YouTube and saw a new game challenge it was called:

Sister Sister Game Challenge

The challenge was so new that everyone was afraid about I told my friends that we should play the game. They all agreed when we arrived to a quite place we started playing the game. My friend Macky coward out the game. He told me that he will record us so that we will have footage. A few flips of my coin I asked many questions with Shaun we asked questions like:

“Sara Sarita were you murdered?”

“Sara Sarita will you kill us?”

Well the answers were answered



On the last question I flipped my coin and suddenly I lost it. I read in a Wikipedia that if you can’t finish the game or lost your coin you will suffer the consequences if doing the ritual wrong the punishments are:

And seing a phychiatrist

I didn’t want that to happen to me so I just ran out of the place screaming my friends freaked out that they threw their coins.

On the second day 7:00 AM at my room I saw my lost coin. The coin was so wet and I had seaweeds on it. I suddenly freaked out. I called my friends if their coins came back they said they received a wet letter saying: “Sara Sarita”.

  • teresa robinson

    Story needs some work. There is no context as to what the game actually is. You called it the “sister sister” game at first but gave no insight as to what the object of the game is or how it is played.

  • Puddin Tane

    Work on punctuation. You have so many run on sentences it makes no sense.

  • Jamie E


  • IronMosquito

    Ah yes, I too consider seeing a “Phychiatrist” a punishment. All mortals cower at the hands of the Phychiachrist.