A knock on the door can change someone’s life. This is what happened to Harley.

She had just moved into a new neighborhood. She had stayed there for about a week and strange things started happening to her.

One day she heard a knock on her door. She opened the door, but no one was on the other side. She looked down and noticed a rose with a letter.

She opened the letter and saw the same old rhyme.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.”

She thought nothing of it and moved on with her day. However, it happened tomorrow and then again, and again, and again. It just continued.

Then, in the middle of the night, she heard another knock on the door. She went downstairs, unlocked and opened the door.

Of course, there was the rose and another letter.

She opened it up and…

“Why do you keep ignoring me? I thought we had something! I sent you all these gifts and you ignore me? I can’t deal with you anymore. I was waiting for your call for me. I didn’t get what I had wanted.”

She then kept reading and her face froze.

“I will take the prettiest thing you have. Your face. See you tonight!”

As Harley finished reading, she heard a loud bang on the door.

She immediately ran upstairs to get the phone.

She called the police and made sure all the windows were closed. She went back downstairs to make sure if the man was still at her door. She looked outside. He was still there.

Harley was scared. 3 hours had already passed. Where are the cops? Harley was getting tired.

She opened her eyes and it was already morning. She slowly looked at her door. As her screams flew across the neighborhood, the rose this time…

Was indoors.