James was excited to go to his dads for the weekend, not because he just his dad just recently moved house, but because he hasn’t seen him in over two weeks.

His dad lived right next to a McDonalds fast food restaurant, which was good since he needed a job and a place to get breakfast.

James finally arrived at his dads house after his mum dropped him off, and was shocked to see the house look deserted and like no one has lived there for years.

James’s father walked out in what looked like to be a clown costume. His father always hated clowns so it seemed weird that he would be dressed like, James thought it was for a job at the McDonalds store next door. His costume looked really dirty and had a tear by his leg, it looked like it was bleeding but it must just be part of the costume James thought.

James has been in the car for more than three hours and needed a sleep, which was weird for his age considering the fact that kids that age should have a lot of energy. James couldn’t wait to go into his father’s house only to be shocked by what he says.

James’s mother leaves him and his father in her car her way back to her place, so James couldn’t be certain that he was safe. All over the walls were pictures and pictures of children, not children that he knew since he’s only had James. James felt a shiver running up his spine to feel a palm drop onto his shoulder.

James quickly turned around and was relieved to find out that it was just his dad. His dad whose name was Rob by the way, told James that his room was upstairs to the left. The tiniest of creeks could be heard after every footstep James took, and the stairs were no exception, there was even one chunk of the stairs removed.

James finally reached his room to find it almost completely empty except a mattress, blanket, a pillow and his little teddy bear he called George. He yelled out to his dad and said goodnight before going to his small mattress and going to sleep.

While James was sleeping he began to dream about mysterious and paranormal things, like ghosts and creepy noises. He opened his eyes to reveal that the sounds were real and were coming from downstairs.

As James peeked his head out his door he could see a long a dark hallway, still covered with pictures of children on the walls. He swore he could hear children’s laughter as he walked to the top of the stairs.

As he walked down the stairs he saw a shadow standing there, it couldn’t have been his shadow because the light was reflecting to the wall behind him. Instead it was the shadow of what looked to be a monster or a ghost.

James was terrified, he could feel the drips of his pee running down his leg to the floor. He could not have been more scared in his life, he slowly walked backwards to suddenly feel two arms grab both his shoulders.

James turned around to see the light shine from the reflection of a red nose, James screamed in horror until suddenly the light turned on and it was his dad.

Rob told James that there’s nothing to worry about and asked him to go back to bed. James was speechless and shaking from this experience and then nodded to his dad and ran to his room. When James looked back before entering his room, Rob was gone and so was the shadow.

James took a deep breath and walked back to his room but suddenly saw a newspaper article on the wall. It was a picture of Ronald McDonald from the McDonalds commercials, it said in the headline: Serial Killer Wanted. James also found a document that shows that his father legally changed his first and last name, this is what it reads:

Rob Jerry Wilson has now been confirmed by law as his current name.
His previous name has been cleared from his license, birth certificate and all document regarding his name.
Previous name: Ronald Jerry McDonald.

James drops the documents on the floor and stand there shaking and staring at the wall. The room pitches black and all is heard is a loud scream and a deep voice that is briefly heard saying: enjoy your meal.

How do i know this story? It’s because i lived at that house once. And soon you will too

  • Shane.S

    Dude you have potential I can see it but the story progressed way too quickly and there were a few grammar errors that made it hard to read

  • Zach Boyd

    It was an OK story

  • Yolo Wizard

    Dude gross.. Body waste shouldn’t be included unless you know where and when to use it. I mean I understand he was scared but I mean.. C’mon. Visualize it..

  • Yolo Wizard

    And also why didn’t he clean himself after peeing?

  • Autumn Lynn

    Okay so really good idea, somthing new, and never used before but i do agree with previous comments.. Maybe slow down. Add some detail. Give more of a story. Make us picture and imagine it! And im sure it will be an insanly wicked clown story!! Good luck!