Road to Afterlife

Mick is a young boy who lived life to the fullest. He had a wonderful life and friends who loved him. One fateful Saturday, Mick went to the night club with his friends. Mick had a few glasses of vodka, his friend offered him a ride home because he was drunk. Mick refused and said, “I’m fine, don’t worry. I’ll go home with my car.” No one could even imagine that it would be Saturday in which Mick would have a serious car accident.

Mick was driving about eighty miles an hour in the village, although this settlement had the maximum allowable speed of fifty kilometers per hour. Mick had lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree that was located next to the road. The car was smashed. Ambulances arrived at record time, Mick was transported to a nearby hospital. He was in serious condition, his fight for life began.

Mick was 19 years old and he was not ready to die. Suddenly, Mick heard voices, those voices were calling out his name. Mick followed the voices that led to some woods. The woods were a bit creepy. A girl came up to him and greeted him, Mick returned the greeting and asked her.

“Where am I?”

The girl replied, “This is the purgatory, you died.”

Mick replied, “But I’m not dead, I’m not ready to die.”

The girl started talking, “If you’re not ready to die, then you must fight for your life. Do you see that little pathway?”

Mick answered, “Yes, I see it.”

The girl replied, “Well, then go that way. But beware, the way is full of obstacles that will try to prevent you from going out of this world.”

Mick went on this way, all sorts of demons and witches stood in his way. Mick started to run and invoke the name of God.

“God save me!”

Once all the demons and witches have vanished into thin air. Mick went on and came across a door, the door was ordinary as in real life. Mick opened the door and suddenly his pulse came back. The doctors fought for his life and Mick survived and he recovered completely. It was his most difficult experiences in life, fighting for his precious life.