Revenge of the Greyhounds

There once was a man who worked at a race track. He was well-respected, he even had a wife and kids. Every day he would go to work, saying that he needed to be at the garage early. No one knew where he really worked. He was paid to beat, starve, and torture poor, helpless animals. And every day he came home to his wife and kids, carrying not an ounce of guilt for the misery he had inflicted. But Karma is a strange and mysterious thing.

Greyhounds are the spirits of the ancient Egyptians. They are powerful and strongly connected to the spiritual world. The energy attracted a vengeful spirit. It saw its surroundings and changed form to a distorted, demonic statue of the dog next to it. It snarled and gnashed its teeth at the man. He got out his whip, only to find himself pinned to the ground. The demon hound ripped the flesh from his entire body, except his forehead. On it, was carved the phrase, “Never again.” He was banished to the underworld for his crimes. Let this be a lesson to all animal abusers. Karma will find you.

  • Whitney Paige Moulton

    I like it!

  • Puddin Tane

    Just curious. Did you research this before you wrote it?

  • Advice from a pizza

    This is more like a summary of a story. It’s all telling and no showing. I think if you fleshed this out into an actual story, it would more of an interesting read, but really it’s just an on-the-nose cringe statement of animal cruelty.