I killed them… and to be honest, it wasn’t… It really wasn’t as expected. I want to say that I’m smiling now, with a huge feeling of relief. But that isn’t the case, in fact I’m feeling exact the opposite, like I’m about to be drowned and there is nothing to keep me afloat, more like, it’s only a matter of… You know… Time…

Enough of this, I was wrong! I was wrong! Please, please! Anyone! Please make it stop! Please, I can’t take it anymore! Bang!

30 minutes earlier

Exhausted I collapsed, it was hard more than anything but everything went more or less exactly as planned. I’m free… I’m free…

Is what I would say, but that’s a lie, because if it was then why? Why do I feel wronged? Why are there tears escaping? Why?

I looked around, it was the least I could do for them, they were mine after all. Though hard to explain like this, even harder to see, I looked around. This was my home, it is the only to do in order to release my last memories of this place.

The rooms, the hallway, yes, even the restroom all of it, it was mine, I couldn’t stop crying now but I furthered in. The kitchen, dining room, living room, where they now lay. “I’m…” I couldn’t say it, as if someone was telling that I didn’t deserve to forgive myself. This desk, my father’s desk…

Why? Why did I think this would free me? It hurts, more than I can explain. It hurts, please stop hurting!

I sank into his chair, his favorite chair, the last reminder of Grandpa. This letters, he will never receive, this letters… This letters… This letter.

Why? Why? Is this here? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

This morning

I was ready, anxious as any but if everything worked out, then it will finally end. I smiled from ear to ear, and there was nothing that could stop me, for once I would finally be, no, know the feeling of liberation. I wrote down the time, place, the only thing that would stop now would be miscalculated accidents.

Ah, finally I would get revenge and be free, why? Because this wasn’t about being denied, it’s about me being tired from all this restrictions. I hate it! It feels binding, never again.

  • Bonnie Manz

    Honestly it doesn’t make any sense. The grammar needs work as well.

  • Sierraa

    It jumps around so much and there’s really no explanation to anything that happens, it’s really confusing for how short it was.

  • Jed

    1/5 Nonsensical abstract crap.

  • IronMosquito

    This doesn’t make sense

  • angie valerio

    Sorry for the confusion, yes, the grammar needs work sorry about that, and that reason it jumps back is because they are flash backs. Pretty clear about the flash blacks and it was made to be out of order, sorry about that, I’ll fix it to your convenience and thank you for the review, as I want to get better with my grammar! 😄

    • IronMosquito

      If it was made to be out of order, then the story crashed and burned from the start.